Consistently Going Above and Beyond

A Peaceful Way Home Care was pleased to name Fiatagata “Fia” McGee as the 2021 Quarter 2 Outstanding Caregiver recipient.

“As someone who consistently goes above and beyond, Fia has been a truly exemplary employee and friend to all the clients she has served. She has been described as extraordinary, reliable, dependable, and thorough. She has an incredible knack for keeping our staff in the loop with any changes in the condition of the client. She also provides amazingly detailed notes for general updates on care.

“We are not only thrilled to have the opportunity to give this award to Fia, but we are proud to have someone so dedicated, professional, flexible, and sweet on our team! She has been a welcome addition to our A Peaceful Way Home Care family. With gratitude we thank Fia for her service and care.”

Meet Fia

Fiatagata McGee, affectionately called “Fia” by the A Peaceful Way Home Care staff, has been working with our in-home care agency since 2018. Since coming onboard, Fia has been assisting a senior woman in Hermosa Beach during the weekends.

“Her family members live nearby, and her daughter helps her mom full time during the week.”

Fia provides companionship and daily activities support, thus allowing the daughter respite and the important time to recharge. “I feel comfortable with my client and her family. They were very welcoming.” It’s safe to say, the feeling is mutual.

“Although she has memory issues, she has kept her sense of humor! That’s exactly how I’d like to be. I want to be the same person when I age.”

Fia is often called in to help overnight or as needed during the week for other clients.

Fia also works with a non-profit organization that provides housing support to homeless pregnant women and young parents.

Prior to joining A Peaceful Way Home Care, Fia worked as a case manager in Lakewood for adults with disabilities. There she worked with clients, their family and staff members to create goals and monitor progress in day programs for adults with autism, Down’s syndrome and other challenges. She also worked in a memory care facility for a year with older adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Family Values

Fia grew up in Compton and went to school in Carson. She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from California State University at Fullerton. “At first, I was majoring in nursing, but through my work experience, I found that I wanted to help those with challenges with mental health and intellectual disabilities. I think there is large need to help with psychology not only in California, but in the country.”

Fia believes her interest in caring for others started from a young age. As the second eldest in a large family, she has been helping to tend her younger four siblings since she was a child herself. She was taught to take on responsibility at an early age. Helping others is clearly a family value. Her older sister works as a service coordinator for the homeless at the Harbor Regional Center.

While not working, Fia most enjoys being with her family and friends. Since the pandemic and the limitations on available safe activities, she has been spending time hiking. She especially enjoys the Palos Verdes area by the lighthouse.

Fiatagata McGee family

Happily Surprised

When Fia learned she was named the Outstanding Caregiver she was thrilled and surprised. She’s read the other email announcements about past winners but didn’t expect to see herself named. “I help out whenever I’m asked. The families I help thank me and compliment me. I guess their praise has made me stand out.”

Fia feels caring for older adults and working here is a great fit for her. “A Peaceful Way Home Care is a great organization. They are always understanding and communicative. I have not found that common in other organizations. I had a family emergency and had to fly out of state. They gave me condolences and empathy. ‘Worry about your family and we’ll be sure our client is taken care of.’

“That response was a shock to me. They’ve shown me what a treat it is to work for this company – Terry and the girls in office. A Peaceful Way Home Care Solution has a great culture.”

We’re Here to Help

If you or your loved one would benefit from some compassionate, in-home care in the Palos Verdes, Torrance or surrounding South Bay community, please contact us at A Peaceful Way Home Care.