It’s that time of year again! Let’s give a huge applause to Diane Solorzano who has earned the winning spot for this quarter’s Outstanding Care Award!

Dependable, kind, patient, compassionate, caring, professional and always with a wonderful attitude no matter what she has needed to handle, Diane has been a reliable part of our team for years.

“I don’t feel like it’s a job. I’m just caring for someone I care about.”

That quote from Diane Solorzano says it all. Caring is just her nature. (Wait until you read about what she does for fun in her spare time. She always shows concern for others.)

Back in high school, this caring ultimately led her to A Peaceful Way Home Care. “My mother is a single mother of three, and I didn’t want to burden her with paying for my college. So, I sought out how I could work and save for my own tuition. My aunt worked as a caregiver in private homes. I’d sometimes help working the night shift from 4pm – 4 am, then get two hours of sleep before school.” Diane’s plan worked — she matriculated to University of California at Davis, majoring in mathematics.

During Christmas time her junior year, Diane was home visiting. Her uncle had recently arrived in California from Guatemala and needed care. He had been living there for two years when he began experiencing a lot of pain. His doctor had him make the trip on a four-day bus ride because of the concern of the danger of him taking a plane. Her uncle was seen by many doctors, including numerous Ear, Nose, Throat specialists, but none were able to diagnose him. Finally at Cedar Sinai, it was determined he had osteomyelitis of the skull, an inflammation of the bone often caused by infection.

Her uncle was treated for three months in the hospital. He was released to a rehabilitation center. During one of Diane’s visits, her uncle lamented how he didn’t want to be there anymore and how hard it was when she wasn’t there. So, Diane, being the caring person she is, talked to the insurance company, and arranged for her uncle to come home.

With just over a year left to graduate, Diane quit school to care for her uncle. A nurse taught her how to care for him, including administering antibiotics through a PICC line every 8 hours, and taking him to his appointments. Her uncle also suffered from other conditions including dementia, COPD, and asthma. He required 24-hour care for four years.

When asked why she made this sacrifice, Diane responded, “When we were young, my uncle helped my mom a lot. I wanted to help him. No one else had the time or ability to do it.” She never went back to school and does not regret it. Thankfully, her uncle is doing very well now. She still checks in with him on the weekends, setting up his medications and scheduling appointments.

I like the Family Feeling at A Peaceful Way Home Care

About three years ago, Diane was encouraged by her cousin, who worked in the office of A Peaceful Way Home Care in Rolling Hills Estates, to apply as a caregiver. Diane recalls during the interview process, everyone in the office came in to meet her and talk with her. She really liked the family-feeling environment this gave her versus working in a large corporation. She’s been happily there since!

She has been with her same client in Rancho Palos Verdes for nearly three years, working both night and day shifts. Her client needs 24-hour care, so with holiday vacations coming, Diane is being flexible with her schedule — she wants to be sure her client knows the day shift caregivers that come in to cover.

“Being a caregiver with A Peaceful Way is similar to my experience caring for my uncle. Taking care of our clients is like taking care of family. I like caregiving. It is natural to me. I don’t feel like it’s a job. It’s just caring for someone I care about,” says Diane.

Being Named Outstanding Care Awardee

“When I learned I was the award winner, I was happily surprised. I thought caregivers who have many different clients are usually recognized. It’s nice to have your hard work acknowledged.”

And in her spare time…

After reading about how compassionate and helpful Diane is, you may not be surprised how she enjoys spending her time off. She helps take care of her 3-year-old nephew Sebastian. “It’s why I take night shifts; so, I can help my sister during the day with him.”

“My favorite holiday is Christmas, so I’ll already begin decorating this weekend,” said Diane in early November. “I have good memories of my family getting together and staying up all night. It’s our time to be together, no matter what else is going on.”

Congratulations again to Diane Solorzano!

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