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How to Pay for Assisted Living

Transitioning to assisted living is a significant step for many seniors and their families, offering a balance of support and independence. This environment provides assistance with daily living activities, healthcare management, and offers social engagement opportunities. Understanding how to finance assisted living is crucial for a smooth transition. In this guide, we'll explore various financial options, including how caregiver services like those provided by A Peaceful Way Home Care in Palos Verdes can complement the care provided in these facilities. Understanding Assisted Living Costs Breaking Down the Expenses: Basic Fees: Assisted living costs generally include housing, utilities, meals, and basic [...]

2024-01-31T10:44:13-08:00January 31st, 2024|Articles, Senior Care|

Caring for Others Comes Naturally to Quarterly Outstanding Care Award Winner: Joshua Gutierrez

Joshua Gutierrez was selected for our quarterly Outstanding Caregiver Award because of his dedication. Joshua is always finding ways to enrich the livelihood of his client by keeping him active. The client's wife expressed, "We’re so grateful to have Josh!" Josh was presented with his personalized scrubs and monetary award for his unwavering commitment to quality in-home care. Congratulations and thank you Josh for your great in-home caregiving service to our Clients. Like Helping People Caring for others came naturally to Joshua. His late grandmother had raised him in the church and “she is the reason why I like to [...]

2024-01-11T15:23:37-08:00January 10th, 2024|Articles, Outstanding Care Award, Senior Care|

When Elderly Parents Lives Far Away

In an ideal world, our elderly parents would live close by, ensuring that we could easily provide them with the care and support they need as they age. However, for many, this isn't the reality. With families often spread out across the country or even internationally, managing the care of elderly parents who live far away presents unique challenges, especially when they show signs of cognitive and physical decline. Recognizing the Signs of Decline The first step in addressing the needs of an aging parent who lives far away is to recognize the signs of decline. These can be subtle, [...]

2024-01-10T09:39:12-08:00January 10th, 2024|Articles, Senior Care|

Power of Attorney For Aging Parent

As your parents age, there comes a time when you may need to step in to assist them with important decisions. One crucial legal tool that can aid in this process is the Power of Attorney (POA). Essentially, a POA grants you the authority to act on your aging parent's behalf in various situations, especially in legal and financial matters. Types of Power of Attorney Power of Attorney comes in various forms, each tailored to meet the specific medical or financial needs of the principal, your aging parent. Two key distinctions are: 1. General POA vs. Limited POA A General [...]

2023-12-21T07:59:30-08:00December 21st, 2023|Articles, Senior Care|

Elderly Blood Pressure

You'll likely never notice symptoms of high blood pressure, so it's important to understand the disease and live a healthy lifestyle to manage yours or your loved one's elderly blood pressure. Blood pressure refers to the pressure or force of your circulating blood against your blood vessels' walls. If the force is too high, your heart works overtime to pump blood. Blood pressure is one of the four basic vital signs. While low blood pressure is concerning, over 70 percent of elderly experience the chronic disease high blood pressure aka hypertension. People over age 50 are most at risk. After [...]

2023-11-29T10:41:22-08:00November 29th, 2023|Articles, Senior Care|

3 Ways You and Your Loved One Can Start Managing Dementia

Did you know that carefully managing dementia may help slow its progress? There is not yet a cure for dementia, but start focusing on what you and your loved one can control. Prevent further damage to brain cells by leading a healthy lifestyle and embracing routines. Here are 3 ways you and your loved one can start managing dementia now: 1. Follow a Simple Exercise Routine Exercising improves metabolism and strengthens muscles. (And did you know that taking great care of your body can also improve your mental health?) Getting exercise can be as simple as: walking stretching dancing lifting [...]

2023-11-08T16:19:53-08:00November 8th, 2023|Articles, Senior Care|

Melatonin Side Effects In Elderly

Melatonin is a hormone our bodies create naturally to help us fall (and stay) asleep. Its production decreases throughout the aging process. So, it's no wonder why over-the-counter melatonin is popular for seniors over age 65. Best of all, melatonin is generally non-habit forming, fairly inexpensive, and it's conveniently found on the shelves of stores throughout America. But with all of its benefits, are there melatonin side effects in elderly? Melatonin’s Controversies While there are seemingly pros to taking small amounts of melatonin over short periods of time, there are some concerns: Melatonin is a supplement currently unregulated by the [...]

2023-10-23T08:05:26-07:00October 23rd, 2023|Articles, Senior Care|

Exercises To Strengthen Legs for Seniors

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are a leading cause for death or injury for anyone ages 65 and over. So, one of the most important goals for a senior is to decrease their own fall risk. Seniors can use a multitude of exercises as a tool to strengthen legs and reduce their risk of falls. Why Do Seniors Fall? Sadly, advanced age naturally brings on a heightened risk of falls. Your senior loved one's risk increases due to many reasons including: muscle loss hearing loss impaired sight medication side effects loss of coordination arthritis gait [...]

2023-09-26T09:06:40-07:00September 26th, 2023|Articles, Senior Care|

Care Plan for Dementia

You may have noticed that your loved one is having trouble with their thinking, behavior, movement, and memory. Unfortunately, these changes may be dementia symptoms. After a dementia diagnosis, note the type and stage of dementia your loved one has. It's likely symptoms will get worse as they age. It's important to be proactive so you, your loved one, and their healthcare team can work together to craft a care plan for dementia (before the disease progresses). A care plan for dementia can be extensive including choosing a power of attorney, contemplating a do-not-resuscitate order, choosing future living arrangements, etc. [...]

2023-09-06T14:07:23-07:00September 6th, 2023|Articles, Senior Care|

Outstanding Care: Ashley Powell

“Wow! Little me?” This was Ashley Powell’s reaction in learning she was selected for the Quarterly Outstanding Care Award. Although she had been serving as a caregiver for over a decade, she’d only been with A Peaceful Way Home Care for about one and half years — thus her reaction. Ashley is as humble as she is caring. After moving from Orange County to the South Bay, Ashley applied for a position with A Peaceful Way in Rolling Hills Estates. There are many in-home care agencies, but what made A Peaceful Way stand out to her was our flexibility and [...]

2023-08-16T15:14:22-07:00August 16th, 2023|Articles, Outstanding Care Award|
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