A friend of ours shared her recent experience visiting her senior mom Maria who lives out of town. Not seeing her mom every day, Debra had some learnings and realizations about her mother’s declining abilities. She wished to share with others of how adult children can help support their senior parent’s wishes and happiness by making arrangement with outside services.

Maria is 94-year-old and lives with one of other daughters. Up until recently, Maria enjoyed going out most days to visit with her friends and participate in regular activities. She recently had a health scare and was taken to the hospital for treatment. Maria is back home and stable, but still has health and mobility challenges. She was grateful that the medical personnel who responded were just amazing, kind and efficient. Nonetheless, Maria realized she needed to make some decisions and put them in writing, should she have an incident again.

With her doctor, Maria completed a physician’s order and posted it on the refrigerator. She shared it with all her children to make them aware of her wishes. The Physician’s Order includes what type of measures should be taken in which circumstances.

Since it is now more difficult to go out, Maria also made adjustments to her weekly schedule. Lunch is delivered twice a week, and because of her reduced appetite, Maria usually has enough leftovers for the next day. A caregiver, Peggy, comes in several times a week to prepare her lunch on those alternate days, helps her with bathing, and spends time talking with Maria so she stays stimulated and not lonely while her daughter is at work.

Once a week Maria has lunch at the Senior Center with her caregiver if she is feeling up to it. Peggy assists Maria in getting ready, helps her to the car, loads her wheelchair, and drives her to the Center.

Maria is feeling good about her plans, schedule, and caregiver so she can adjust to spending more time at home, but still having the opportunity to interact with those she knows.

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