As we and our parents age, how we need to care for them and ourselves changes. There are considerations we may not have thought about before. Whether your senior loved one lives in the same South Bay community as you (in his or her own home or with you in yours) or lives in another state, A Peaceful Way Home Care in Palos Verdes wants to provide you information that helps you ensure the best care for your loved one and yourself during the caregiving period.

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Thank you for voting us your Favorite Senior In-Home Care business in South Bay's Best Reader's Poll for the 4th Year in a Row! Providing compassionate, customized care solutions to meet your unique needs in the South Bay community. Since 2016, A Peaceful Way Home Care has been a provider of in-home care services for seniors in the Palos Verdes and greater Los Angeles South Bay area. We are grateful and proud to be voted a South Bay’s Favorite In-Home Care businesses for the fourth consecutive year. We provide compassionate, customized, quality care to fit the unique needs and issues [...]

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What to Do When Needed Care for Senior Parents are Different

Your parents have weathered storms and spent a lifetime together, and that matters. However, as they age, you realize that they may have different care needs. As a family member, you start wondering what to do to help ensure both your elderly parents get the individual attention they need. You might consider a live-in senior care facility, but, unfortunately, these facilities may separate your aging parents to address their individual care needs. Such a separation and loss of independence could be emotionally distressing and lead to social isolation and depression. So, what should you do when looking for care [...]

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Essential Elements of Palos Verdes Elderly Wellness

Fostering, enhancing, and maintaining your health and wellness doesn’t stop at a predetermined age. The older you get, the more you need to pursue a balanced mind and body to increase the quality of your life. To do this, you should focus on your physical and emotional wellbeing and mental fortitude to live a happy and fulfilling life. Seniors need not be afraid of aging as they can still live their best and fulfilled life. With the assistance of loved ones and professional in-home caregivers, Palos Verdes elderly citizens can age in place by pursuing the following elements of [...]

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Home Care Can Help Palos Verdes Seniors with Chronic Pain

When seniors are dealing with chronic pain, it is essential to get them the assistance and support that empowers them to live full and independent lives as possible. For many older adults, in-home care is a flexible, affordable, and welcome option for getting the help they need whenever they need it – at home. Whether part-time or full-time, an in-home companion or caregiver provides seniors with essential care to help minimize and manage the effects of chronic pain. Chronic pain is a common problem facing seniors. The NIH reports that 50 percent of seniors living independently and 75-85 percent [...]

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