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How Seniors Can Improve Their Balance

Seniors love their independence, but it's no secret that they're afraid of falling. And rightfully so. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) state that falls happen to one in four seniors annually, making falls a public safety issue. Furthermore, the CDC and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control found that, "Falls among adults aged 65 and older are common, costly, and preventable. Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among older adults." Also, according to the National Library of Medicine, "As we age, we lose balance function through loss of sensory elements, the ability to [...]

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Community Resources for Palos Verdes and Torrance Seniors

It's no secret that the cloudless, sunlit areas of Palos Verdes and Torrance are gorgeous places to live. The ability for your senior loved one to stay in their own home for the rest of their life in these familiar, balmy areas is a thrilling prospect! Whether your senior loved one is dealing with mobility issues, they can't drive anymore, or they just need a little help keeping up with the housekeeping, local organizations offer an array of beneficial resources to assist their surrounding senior community – and keep seniors involved and flourishing in their beloved community. You'll discover it's [...]

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A Peaceful Way Home Care Outstanding Care Awardee: Diane Solorzano

It’s that time of year again! Let’s give a huge applause to Diane Solorzano who has earned the winning spot for this quarter’s Outstanding Care Award! Dependable, kind, patient, compassionate, caring, professional and always with a wonderful attitude no matter what she has needed to handle, Diane has been a reliable part of our team for years. “I don’t feel like it’s a job. I’m just caring for someone I care about.” That quote from Diane Solorzano says it all. Caring is just her nature. (Wait until you read about what she does for fun in her spare time. She [...]

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Your Digital Life: How & Why You Need to Create Legacy Contacts for Your Online Accounts

Imagine that your mother becomes incapacitated at age 78 due to complications from a stroke. You aren’t able to access contact information from her phone or email account to reach her friends to update them on her conditions. You know Mom always kept notes and lists on her phone, but without her permission, PINs, or passwords, you have no way of viewing helpful and necessary information from her online calendar – like due dates for bills or appointments. Why Create Legacy Contacts? How can you ensure that your children will have the information they need if something like this [...]

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Healthy Senior Living in Torrance and the South Bay

One of the best things people do for their health is exercise. For older adults, it has been shown that exercise helps with chronic disease prevention, mental health and cognitive function improvement and more. Benefits from exercise usually come with consistent participation. Seniors may find some exercises a bit too strenuous for them but there are low-impact exercises available that they can readily practice like Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi: Yoga will help to build muscle, stabilize your core, improve flexibility, balance and strengthen bones but won’t strain your joints. The beauty of yoga is that even if some poses [...]

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Rebecca Perez Named This Quarter’s Outstanding Care Award Recipient

"It Was a Dark and Stormy Night." No, this isn’t a story written by Snoopy. But it is a story of Rebecca’s first shift as a caregiver with A Peaceful Way Home Care in Rolling Hills Estates in January 2019. And it was a dark, stormy, and windy night. Rebecca’s first case was on the Palos Verdes hill near Malaga Cove where there is limited street lighting. In addition to the weather, it was pitch dark early that evening since daylight saving time had ended. Cellular service can also be spotty on the hill and [...]

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South Bay’s Best Reader’s Choice Favorite in 2022!

Thank you for voting us your Favorite Senior In-Home Care business in South Bay's Best Reader's Poll! Providing compassionate, customized care solutions to meet your unique needs in the South Bay community. A Peaceful Way Home Care has been a provider of in-home care services since 2016, for seniors in the Palos Verdes and greater Los Angeles South Bay area. We are grateful and proud to be voted a South Bay’s Favorite In-Home Care businesses for the fifth consecutive year! Our goal is to provide compassionate and quality care so you can thrive and remain in your own [...]

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Osteoporosis and Hormone Changes

Osteoporosis is a condition that can be brought on by the hormonal imbalances that the aging process brings. It weakens the skeletal system over time by thinning the body's bone density. Your loved one won't likely know that they have this condition (or realize its severity) until a bone density scan turns up issues -- and that's usually after a minor or major injury has already taken place. One of the most difficult issues with this disease is that there are really no symptoms -- until a bone breaks. It's a sneaky diagnosis that can silently steal your loved one's [...]

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Palos Verdes Seniors Respite Care

Being a primary family caregiver is rewarding, but it’s also incredibly challenging at times. It can be tricky to always be available when your senior loved one needs you, especially when you're trying to manage your own home, juggling your own medical appointments, trying to spend time with children, or if you haven't retired yet. You're starting to feel a bit resentful since you can't take breaks. Also, who could look in on your loved one if your own medical conditions or even a COVID-19 infection thwarted your efforts to help that loved one for several days -- or even [...]

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