Nearly everyone eventually needs some help during their elderly years. It could be your mom who’s finishing up her chemotherapy treatment and needs assistance around the house and with her meals. Maybe it’s your grandmother who lives in an independent living apartment but needs regular rides to her doctor appointments or weekly outings to the Palos Verdes farmer’s market. Senior care in Palos Verdes is essential and always in-demand.

Personal independence is essential for the elderly, who often feel like they have lost many freedoms like driving or traveling alone. So, with a bit of help from a trained in-home caregiver in Palos Verdes, seniors can enjoy their daily activities safely and confidently.

As a leading provider of non-medical senior in-home care, A Peaceful Way Home Care gives family caregivers and loved ones a respite break and a chance to recharge. We provide comprehensive in-home senior care. Palos Verdes residents have grown to rely on and appreciate our services.

What is Non-Medical In-Home Care?

Non-medical in-home senior care Palos Verdes refers to short-term or long-term care that caregivers provide that doesn’t involve skilled nursing or medical services. Instead, it helps provide support for other lifestyle and physical needs that older adults (or disabled individuals) face from their homes’ safety and comfort.

Many Palos Verdes senior residents and their loved ones prefer in-home care over moving to an assisted living facility because of the former’s benefits, such as:

  • Home care offers independence
  • It maintains dignity
  • It provides safety benefits
  • It offers costs savings
  • It promotes community ties
  • It nurtures new and old relationships
  • It gives seniors a choice in how to live their lives
  • It allows seniors to stay in their most familiar and treasured surroundings
  • It offers privacy and safety at home

Why Use In-Home Senior Care Palos Verdes?

Letting seniors age in place brings fear and uncertainty among family members and loved ones who cannot provide on-site care to their elderly. In-home senior care in Palos Verdes ensures your aging loves ones maintain their self-sufficiency and their family members remain at ease because their loved ones are in trustworthy care.

A Peaceful Way Home Care’s senior care Palos Verdes includes the following personalized services and timely help:

  • Supporting quality of life by helping clients maintain routines, revive interests, try new activities, stay in touch with loved ones and their communities, read aloud from newspapers, and organize family photos
  • Promoting health and safety by taking clients to doctor appointments, coordinating follow-up visits, picking up prescriptions, reporting to family, medication reminders, meal preparations, encouraging good nutrition and safe exercise, and providing non-obstructive supervision
  • Helping with household management by prioritizing and organizing tasks, running errands with clients, washing and ironing clothes, changing and washing linens, cleaning out cabinets and closets, and cleaning out the refrigerator
  • Providing physical assistance when needed by helping clients get dressed or undressed, help with grooming and using the toilet, and assisting clients in getting in and out of cars, beds, chairs, and wheelchairs.

Why Hire Us?

A Peaceful Way Home Care is keen on providing quality, compassionate, and customized senior care Palos Verdes residents trust. We remain dedicated to meeting clients’ unique needs, helping them live comfortably during their twilight years, and relieving their loved ones of the stress from providing round-the-clock senior care in Palos Verdes.

Our in-home senior care Palos Verdes agency has the following values:

  • Trustworthy team members who love and take pride in their work
  • A rigorous screening process for our caregivers to ensure we provide the best senior care in Palos Verdes
  • A commitment to ongoing training
  • The understanding that clients have unique needs
  • The awareness that both our clients and their loved ones need compassion and understanding

A Peaceful Way Home Care Solutions operates as a family-owned in-home care service provider. We provide compassionate and customized senior care in Palos Verdes and the Los Angeles South Bay area. Contact us today.