A Peaceful Way Home Care is Here to Help

Melissa*, a senior in her nineties living in the Los Angeles South Bay, was already under part-time home care when she slipped and broke her ankle. Unfortunately, the break was serious enough to require surgery.

At the time, California was under lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic. This left Melissa feeling particularly anxious while in the hospital since she had to endure the entire experience without the supportive presence of any family members.

After her discharge from the hospital, her family did not want her to go to a nursing home for rehabilitation due to the increased coronavirus infection rate occurring in these facilities. Melissa returned home to her husband, but because both are elderly and she needed extra assistance for her recovery from surgery, home care was needed 24/7.

Because of the self-isolation safety measures in place, it was extremely difficult for her family to arrange the care they needed on their own while also keeping their senior parents as safe as possible. It has been a long and slow recovery for Melissa. Fortunately, she and her husband love their caregivers – a definite plus during this time and provides peace of mind to her family.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, please reach out to A Peaceful Way Home Care – we can help.

The care team with A Peaceful Way Home Care has safety measures in place: temperatures taken before shift, office-supplied masks worn, and social distancing used. Disinfecting protocols have replaced the industry-standard “light housekeeping duty” while in the home.

Keeping your loved one out of the hospital is our number one priority, so if  you or your loved ones need non-medical in-home care in the Palos Verdes, Torrance, or other surrounding South Bay communities, please call A Peaceful Way Home Care in Rolling Hills Estates, CA at (310) 377-3776 so we can find the right, compassionate caregivers for you.

*Based on a true incident. Name and details have been changed to provide anonymity