Even as life expectancies are improving and medical advances are making the years after 70 more pleasant, there are still many factors that make the last years of our lives difficult. Dementia, vision problems, and difficulties with hearing make self-care for seniors increasingly difficult. However, technology is stepping in to make the golden years shine as brightly as possible.

A quarter of the Palos Verdes Peninsula population is 65 years and older, and 19% of those seniors are living alone1. This makes these new high-tech tools invaluable for enabling quality self-care for Palos Verdes seniors.

A Key To Independence

Technology has enormous potential for helping seniors retain a measure of independence even if they are struggling or living in an assisted living situation. It is ironic that many of the pieces of tech most helpful to the elderly were developed for the young professional. Smart home technology, for example, can provide hands-off comfort control systems and safe operation of appliances. Assets of the on-demand economy, such as ride-sharing services and delivery, can ensure safe mobility and hassle-free shopping options.

Voice Activated Technology Provides Comfort And Safety

Voice-activated digital personal assistants such as the Amazon Echo are one example of a technology that was built for convenience but may be indispensable for older people. While it may provide entertainment options or information, it can also be very useful in an emergency if seniors need to call for help or cannot remember the number of a person who is important to them. It can also take care of manual tasks for those who would have difficulties doing them due to arthritis or tremors including locking/unlocking the doors, operating light switches, and closing blinds.

Technology Enables Connection

While seniors suffer from many potential physical dangers due to their age, the true silent killer can be loneliness and isolation. Fortunately Palos Verdes offers many wonderful programs for seniors, but not all are interested, or able to take advantage of these. Social networks and programs such as Skype are allowing seniors to see friendly faces every day even if they are separated by long distances. Technology may also help them to overcome difficulties that would keep them from enjoying their favorite hobbies or activities, such as hearing-disabled accessibility options or enlarging fonts on ebooks to help them read their favorite works of literature. Tablets are truly becoming a larger part of life for seniors and becoming a window to overcome the limitations that come with getting older.

tablets and Ipads can help with reading

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1 United States Census