No matter your age, the New Year presents an excellent opportunity for you to get healthier and try new things! Did you recently make resolutions to stay healthy, meet new people, and gain fun experiences this new year? Yes, you did! However, you may be finding it difficult to locate information on activities, groups, and classes near your home in Palos Verdes. So, if you’ve been wondering: “How exactly can I find fun senior events near me?”, then let’s find out:

Senior Centers and Hospital

Area senior centers and the hospital host a plethora of events for community members. Offerings may include cooking, technology, exercise classes, or even support groups.


Libraries are a hub for community information. Meet up weekly for a book club. Get creative making a fun craft. Libraries often provide free or low-cost technology classes for seniors, too.

Visit Torrance Public Library’s calendar of events.

Universities and Community Colleges

Universities and community colleges often provide continuing education programs for non-students. Many of these opportunities are educational and fun for seniors, too! There can be meet-ups or classes either on campus or via online chat interfaces like Zoom. There are community events, art shows, and concerts to attend, too!

Here is a list of several universities and community colleges in the Torrance area. Check out their calendar of events and find a fun activity today! Consider inviting your friends to meet you at an activity the first time. You can share the experience together, and this will make it more comfortable for you both to try new things.

Google “Senior Events Near Me”

Google is the smartest and most user-friendly search engine. It quickly helps sort through and find information that is most relevant to you. Simply Google the search terms “senior events in my local neighborhood” or “senior events near me” to find something you’ll love to do!


Use the Nextdoor site to search for nearby senior events. Neighbors, businesses, non-profits, and public agencies in your community can join and share information on Nextdoor. This site offers a great way to join a neighborhood and see a handy calendar that includes community events, meetings, garage sales, and more. The goal is to build connections online that can become invaluable connections in the real world!

It’s a new year, and you need to try some fun, new-to-you activities! Seniors are more at risk of social isolation. It’s important to always be on the lookout for things to do and to regularly Google “senior events near me”. If you are disabled and/or no longer drive, a volunteer or caregiver can assist with local rides. And, don’t forget to meet up with a friend or two to make the new experience even more fun!

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