Americans are living longer. Of the estimated 1.1 million residents of Los Angeles County over the age of 65, most want to remain in their homes for as long as possible. The sense of independence adds to their emotional well-being and quality of life. However, due to a variety of reasons, many will age alone and be at higher risk for fall-related injuries or may suffer from chronic illnesses. Unforeseen emergencies may arise when there is no one else present to assist them.

Smartphones are ubiquitous and are not just for the young. There are several ICE (in case of emergency) apps available that seniors who live alone can use during an emergency. These apps offer great features such as:

Medical ID app display on smartphone

  1. Display of emergency medical card with your vital statistics on your smartphone’s lock screen. In the event of unconsciousness, first responders or emergency personnel can access your vital medical information as long as your phone is operational. They can show:
    • Blood type
    • Allergies
    • Medications
    • Medical conditions
  2. A 3-color coded status which can be easily scanned and alert emergency personnel if you are high-risk (red), medium risk (yellow) or low-risk (green) and are empowered to act accordingly.
  3. A “Smart911” feature: it automatically sends your digital emergency card to 911 operators the minute you call for help.
  4. Ability to make immediate calls from the lock screen to a list of defined ICE (in Case of Emergency) contacts.
  5. The Medical ID app (available for both iPhone and Android phones) allows you to send tracking alerts via location-based SMS’s and GPS to contacts you have designated. It also helps to locate nearby hospitals and trauma centers.

To many of the older population, a smartphone can be a challenge to use but can be a valuable aid to get help quickly in an emergency. Families can help their senior loved one by downloading one of the “in case of emergency” apps to their phone and adding their vital information. Knowing that help is not far away can provide a little peace of mind to seniors and their family members.

Having a quality, compassionate in-home caregiver part-time or full-time can provide both the senior and family members reassurance as well. If you feel your senior loved one would benefit from home care in the Palos Verdes, Torrance and surrounding area, please contact A Peaceful Way Home Care for a free in-home assessment. We will help find the best caregiver to fit your loved ones needs.