As our loved ones age, they may need care. In-home care is often the best option. There are several aspects of in-home care that are available, and they are dependent upon what is needed for each individual, whether they need transportation, or medication reminders, meal prep, help in dressing, bathing, or using the toilet, etc. We can all agree that in-home care is a great choice, but is long term in-home care covered by insurance? The answer is, sometimes.

  • Long Term Care Insurance – LTC is privately paid in long term care insurance. This care generally includes some parts of assisted living or nursing home care, and, in some instances, home care and adult day services. The amount and type of care that is covered depends on the individual plan. Typically, the senior needs to display the need for help, such as with feeding and transporting.
  • Medical Health Insurance – Most regular health insurance policies do not cover long term in-home care
  • Medicaid and Medicare – There are certain eligibility requirements for each of these programs, but if one qualifies, they do provide some quality support.

It’s important to look into other programs in your area that may help defray some of the cost of in-home care as well.

  • Older Americans Act – Federal funds are available for state and local social service programs that help elderly individuals remain independent. This funding covers things like home health care, meal delivery, shopping services, and personal care.
  • State AAA – For more information, check out your State’s Area Agency on Aging.  Here is the link to the Los Angeles County Area Agency on Aging website.

When choosing long term care options for your loved ones, it’s important to have all the facts. So, be sure to see just what their insurance will cover. If you are looking for senior care in the Palos Verdes area, A Peaceful Way Home Care provides quality care to fit the unique needs of their clients and to relieve the family members of the stress from providing care for a loved one.

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