As seniors age, they eventually need help to manage their daily activities, housework, health, transportation, and feeding. Many seniors prefer to age at home, preferably with their loved ones. Therefore, understanding their options ahead of time is beneficial.

Live-in care Palos Verdes services makes those wishes possible thanks to one-on-one care. Your loved one gets professional in-home care throughout the day with special attention provided in the morning, at midday and in the evening.

Caregivers remain in your loved one’s home throughout the day for their safety, confidence, and independence. They prepare meals, help with support exercises and activities, and provide companionship.

Why Hire Live-In Care Palos Verdes

A live-in caregiver makes an incredible difference to you or your loved one’s life. Many people assume that these professionals only assist with personal care, administering medications, and mobility problems. However, they do so much more, such as providing companionship, especially to seniors who live alone.

For aging seniors who need compassionate and skilled caregivers but prefer to age in their homes, live-in care service is often an excellent alternative to assisted living facilities or nursing homes.

Live-in caregivers in Palos Verdes help with:

  1. Supporting Your Loved One’s Quality of Life
    Caregivers help their clients maintain their routines, try new activities, and revive interests. They also help them remain in touch with loved ones, organize family photos, engage in meaningful conversations, and read to them.
  2. Helping with Household Activities
    Caregivers help their clients prioritize household jobs, clean the home, wash and iron laundry, and run errands.
  3. Promoting Health and Safety
    Caregivers take their clients to doctor appointments and coordinate with clinic staff to schedule follow-up visits. They also help clarify doctor’s instructions, pick up prescriptions, remind clients to take the medications as directed, encourage proper nutrition, and report to loved ones.
    Although caregivers do not offer professional health services, they provide non-obstructive supervision and encourage healthy diets and safe exercise.
  4. Providing Physical Assistance
    Caregivers provide their clients with any physical assistance they need, such as dressing, undressing, grooming, and using the toilet. They also help clients get in and out of chairs, beds, cars, or wheelchairs.

Benefits of Hiring a Live-In Caregiver

Below are the main reasons for hiring live-in care services:

  • Staying in your home and within a familiar environment you love
  • Avoiding change. Your life stays almost the same but with extra help
  • You get flexible care built around you and your needs
  • Allows you to maintain your hobbies and interests and pick up new ones
  • Offers you companionship and emotional support
  • Gives you peace of mind

Why Hire A Peaceful Way Home Care?

A Peaceful Way Home Care provides second-to-none live in care services to Palos Verdes area seniors. Our care services help improve our clients’ quality of life during their sunset years and provide peace of mind for their loved ones.

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