Watching your parents suffer as they age can be painful, considering the sacrifices they made to raise you. A time comes when you feel obligated to look after them. Sometimes it requires moving elderly parents into your home.

Sadly, you may have accumulated loads of commitments by the time the debilitating effects of old age hit your parents. You are busy raising your children and growing your career. Your job might also force you to stay away from home.

For such reasons, you may lack enough time to give your aging parents the attention they need. The situation can be dire in a city like Palos Verdes, where more than 10,000 people are seniors.

You can ensure that your parents are happy by hiring professional in-home care services. Here is what you can get by enlisting the help of an in-home care provider. Here are tips to find a caregiver that is most compatible with your parent.

Better Quality of Life

The primary reason for moving elderly parents into your home is to make them more comfortable. An in-home caregiver helps them in routines like preparing the bed, using the bathroom, among others.

When aging strikes, it robs some people of the ability to perform basic tasks for themselves. A professional in-home caregiver can help your aging parent in:

  • Dressing
  • Bathing and shaving
  • Using the toilet
  • Grooming

The mind of your loved one will be at ease if you help them to lead a dignified life. The feeling can avert the effects of progressive conditions affecting older people like dementia.

Personalized Care

An in-home care facility can devise a care program that suits the needs of your family. The caregiver can serve your loved one for a few hours or on a full-time basis as needed. In-home caregiving gives you flexibility in payment while granting your parent quality services.

Better Health

Older people are vulnerable to many ailments due to the weakening of their immune systems. In-home care provides the individual with a clean environment, thereby reducing the risk of infection.

An in-home caregiver can also support the health and safety of a senior person in these ways and more:

  • Taking them for medical appointments
  • Ensuring they medicine on time
  • Providing proper nutrition
  • Assisting them during physical exercise
  • Guiding them from unsafe activities

The caregiver will ensure your parent takes medicine as directed when ill and offer psychological support for a speedy recovery.

Sense of Freedom

Many seniors fear for their independence when considering care options. Moving elderly parents into your home and providing them in-home care allows them to retain their freedom. They can control most aspects of their lives.

For instance, they can decide when to sleep, what to eat, or where to go. A caregiver can accompany them to social places where they can enjoy their favorite pastime.

Understanding what is most important to your parent will help make decisions that respect their wishes. The book Being Mortal shares why and how to have the conversation to uncover what is most important to your aging parent.

Peace of Mind

Many things can happen to your aging parents while you are away. For instance, they can fall or sustain injuries when performing their day to day activities. With in-home care services, you can rest assured someone is looking after your loved one.


Social isolation is one cause for the decline in health in seniors who live alone. Inviting your aging parents to your home is an excellent move to rescue them.

Hiring in-house care offers your loved one a familiar, friendly individual and establishes meaningful human interaction. It results in a positive effect on the health and wellbeing of your aging parents.

Wrap Up

Mature children have the responsibility of looking after their parents when aging impacts their health. Moving elderly parents into your home enables you to check their welfare.

In-home care services can intervene if you can’t manage to offer your parents enough attention. You can rest easy knowing a professional is all eyes on your loved one when you are unavailable.

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