A Peaceful Way Home Care has partnered with Home Care Pulse to help us provide the Best Care Possible to our Clients

Why We Have Partnered

We are dedicated to providing the best in-home care services. We want to make sure our clients are satisfied. In order to help us accomplish this, we have hired a third-party satisfaction research firm called Home Care Pulse to gather feedback from some of our clients each month.

What Our Clients Can Expect

Our clients, or a designated family member, will receive a call from Home Care Pulse. The call will take about 5 minutes. They’ll ask the client to rate our services in several categories on a 1-10 scale and to provide honest feedback which will help us understand how we can best serve our in-home care clients.

Home Care Pulse will call from (424) 383-9988 to ask for feedback on A Peaceful Way Home Care.


Who is Home Care Pulse?

Home Care Pulse is a third -party company that gathers feedback and satisfaction ratings from our clients. The feedback gathered helps us know how we can improve and provide the best care possible. Home Care Pulse complies with all state and federal confidentiality laws and will not ask for any personal, financial, or health information.

How often will clients be called?

Once feedback is shared, Home Care Pulse will not contact a client again for at least six months.

How will feedback be used?

Interview responses will never be shared with anyone except for A Peaceful Way Home Care. Feedback will be used to help guide improvements to care services. Participants are given the option to remain anonymous.

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