“Wow! Little me?” This was Ashley Powell’s reaction in learning she was selected for the Quarterly Outstanding Care Award. Although she had been serving as a caregiver for over a decade, she’d only been with A Peaceful Way Home Care for about one and half years — thus her reaction. Ashley is as humble as she is caring.

After moving from Orange County to the South Bay, Ashley applied for a position with A Peaceful Way in Rolling Hills Estates. There are many in-home care agencies, but what made A Peaceful Way stand out to her was our flexibility and the compensation.

When she was first hired, Ashley was working during the week as an Applied Behavior Analysis therapist, so she only wanted to work weekends as a caregiver. She really appreciated that she was not pressured by the office to work more hours. This was not her experience with other agencies.

A couple months ago Ashley chose to expand her caregiving role to three weekdays. The assignment worked out very well, so she now assists the Palos Verdes Estates client Monday through Friday. “We’re a really good match, and the clients were very receptive to me being there. A good match is so important, so everyone involved is comfortable.”

Ashley has a unique vantage point of this – she has been on both sides. In addition to serving as a caregiver, she has also helped family friends hire a caregiver. “It is important, albeit sometimes difficult, to accommodate the client’s needs, the family’s needs, and the caregiver’s needs,” said Ashley.

Caring For Others – What I’ve Always Seen

When asked what led her to caregiving, Ashley shared that she had always seen it. Her mother was a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), and her grandmother was a Registered Nurse (RN) and a teacher. “I’ve been around caregivers my whole life, so it comes to me by nature. I like to help others.

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“At first, I wanted to work with individuals with disabilities. I began working with both seniors and those with disabilities. For five years I did both. I like working with both. I have quit my ABA job and now work for A Peaceful Way Home Care full-time.

“I use my ABA knowledge with my senior clients. If they are upset or frustrated, I acknowledge their feelings and give them options so they can decide which coping skill to use. I don’t make the choice for them.”

Humor Makes Life Easier – and more Fun!

She shared a funny moment… One client needs to wear a back brace, but really does not like having to. So after she helps him remove it, she says, “Thank you for flying the friendly skies!” He lets out a chuckle and feels freed from being grounded.

Newlywed Ashley

That’s right! Congratulations to Ashley. She was just married in January, although the newlyweds were together for eight years. Together they have four children: her 15-year-old son, 15-year-old stepson, 5-year-old daughter, and 2-year-old daughter.

Ashley enjoys walking and hiking. Before switching to her full-time shift, she spent time at a hiking trail in Fullerton and at the Kenneth Hahn Park.

Great Office Staff

Ashley wanted to mention that she really likes the office staff. She feels very comfortable with them all and appreciates their attitude and approach. “The owner Terry is very involved with the caregivers, families and intakes. This is unusual and pleasantly unexpected,” said Ashley.

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