A Peaceful Way Home Care announced the Outstanding Care Award recipient for 2024 Quarter 1 is Hernani Calma, an experienced caregiver who demonstrates joy and enthusiasm in his work. Hernani will often fill in shifts to best accommodate his client’s needs. He has also been a great source of support for the family by allowing them respite time so they can pursue their own daily routine. Hernani, please know that you are very much appreciated!”


Hernani “Nani” Calma grew up in the Philippines and worked in a warehouse and was an operator in rice mill there. Repairing U.S. Naval ships in Subic Bay on the island of Luzon, Hernani’s father was exposed to tales of America. He encouraged his son to “go to America where there are a lot of good jobs”. Becoming an American citizen became Nani’s dream.

In 1999, Nani was working as an oil assistant engineer in the engine room in the Merchant Marine. He didn’t particularly enjoy this work.


When he was in San Pedro port, his uncle in the U.S. Navy picked him up. His uncle and cousin helped Nani land a position at a Board and Care in San Clemente. Since then, Nani has been working as a caregiver. He later worked in nursing homes, and then in private homes.

Nani really enjoys his work as a caregiver. He feels that he is almost working as a nurse, and that makes him feel good. He doesn’t like sitting for long periods or working at a computer, so caregiving suits him well. He enjoys taking care of elderly people and the in-home environment most because he can focus his attention on his sole client.

“I like to take care of older people because in the Philippines, it’s part of our culture. A family member will take care of an aging parent. My brother is taking care of our mother in the Philippines.”

“I just make sure my client is happy. That’s my motto,” says Nani. His cheerful demeanor is indicative. He is always smiling or laughing. He feels this is why his clients enjoy his company.


Next month will be Nani’s one-year anniversary with A Peaceful Way Home Care. When he applied for a position with us, Robert, our Director of Operations recognized his name on his application. They had worked together at another in-home care agency where Nani had provided excellent care for a husband and wife for five years. He was hired and assigned a case quickly.

Currently, Nani is working in Rancho Palos Verdes with a male heart attack survivor who lives with a friend we’ll call “Debra”. Debra is a nurse who teaches during the day while Nani cares for the man. Nani drives him to his doctor and dental appointments. He also takes him for a walk twice daily and assists him in his exercises with weights and resistance bands to regain his strength. If they need to shop at the market, his client accompanies him for a change of scenery and to keep moving. “He’s 99 years old and he’s still walking. And I’m very careful so that he never falls or gets hurt.” Nani will also vacuum and help keep the home tidy.


Nani’s dream has come true! A decade ago, he became a naturalized citizen of the United States of America. He is married and lives in Long Beach. He has two sons, the elder will be graduating this month from California State University Long Beach with a computer science degree. During his leisure time, Nani enjoys watching movies and Eyewitness News, and riding bikes with his family along Shoreline Village.


Nani has repeatedly proven his dedication: he prioritizes his client’s safety and well-being. He stays late if Debra is late coming back. “I promise you: I will never leave the client alone.” He has also gone back after his shift when Debra has an emergency.

When he found out he was the recipient of the Outstanding Care Award, Nani was so happy. “I never expected it, especially since I have not been with A Peaceful Way Home Care that long. My client was very happy.” Nani said he will use the award bonus at a nice restaurant for his son’s college graduation celebration.

Congratulations to Nani! With outstanding caregivers like Nani, A Peaceful Way Home Care in Palos Verdes can provide the best senior in-home care.