A Peaceful Way Home Care is proud to announce the latest winner of our Outstanding Care Award and to introduce to you Vicky Powers.

Mamma Duck

A naturally nurturing being, Vicky has always been a “mamma duck”, as she says. Even during her stint as a baker, preparing warm and tasty treats was her way of tending to others.

When Vicky was only eleven years ago, she cared for her grandmother who had become ill.

Then in 2008, her mother-in-law was able to con

For a number of years, Vicky worked for a senior citizens home in Torrance and as a trained medical assistant for a school district. At the latter, she worked with children with severe disabilities and medical issues.

A Peaceful Way Home Care has Great Client Reviews

After leaving the senior citizens’ home, Vicky went online to search for caregiver agencies that she may want to work for. She really liked what she found about A Peaceful Way Home Care. In particular, she liked their reviews. One thing that caught her attention was a client said how flexible they are, and make sure placements have the right fit.

“This is so important,” says Vicky. “You don’t want to put together two people that don’t mesh. A Peaceful Way’s matching me with clients has worked out very well. I really get along with my clients.

“I have one client that didn’t want to get up and walk because of his chronic physical struggles. But when I arrived, he said, ‘Oh Vicky’s here. Let’s get up!’ It feels great that I can help motivate him.”

In 2021, A Peaceful Way Home Care was happy to bring Vicky onto the team. She really likes the office staff. “I was shy when I first started. They are very caring and open-minded.”

Currently, Vicky cares full-time for a senior woman in Hawthorne. She had been assisting the husband and wife, but sadly he passed away.

Oh My Gosh! That’s My Name!

“One day while on duty, I was washing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. I received a text and thought it must be my schedule for the next day. Then I opened the text and saw my name and saw that I was selected for the Outstanding Care award! Oh my gosh! What a wonderful surprise!”

Most Memorable Event

Vicky shared one of the most memorable and unusual events in her life. When she was working as a medical assistant at a health clinic in Lennox, a petite woman came in complaining of severe cramps.  As Vicky was helping the woman onto the table in the examination room, the woman yelled, “Something’s coming!” Vicky saw the baby’s head crowning… and coming fast! While cradling the baby’s head, Vicky called out for the doctor. By the time he made it into the room, the baby had been born into Vicky’s arms!  “The birth went so fast I didn’t have time to think.”

The new mother had a flat tummy and had no idea she was pregnant!  “That was a weird experience.”

Family is Important

Vicky has three siblings. She has been married for 22 years and has four daughters and 2 grandchildren. “Our home is open, loving and understanding. My children can tell me anything,” confides Vicky.

When asked about her hobbies, Vicky said her work is her hobby. It is what she loves to do – to care for others. “If I get bored, I get myself into trouble.”

She still does bake occasionally – mostly baklava for the holidays.

Congratulations, Vicky, and thank you for your great, caring work and dedication.

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