A Peaceful Way Home Care is honored to announce the Outstanding Care Award recipient for the fourth quarter of 2023: Rosemary Cruz. Rosemary is a valued member of our team who has faced many challenges with her clients yet always demonstrates a positive can-do and caring attitude. Rosemary will often change her schedule to accommodate her client and maintain their consistency of care. Rosemary, please know that you are very much appreciated. Thank you.

Rosemary Cruz was humbled and pleased to have been recognized with the quarterly Outstanding Care Award. This came as a pleasant surprise, having been with A Peaceful Way Home Care for less than two years.

The families she works with love her and request her. The office let Rosemary know that she is in high demand and that everyone wants her. “But there is only one Rosemary!”


Rosemary came to A Peaceful Way Home Care in August 2022, but she was definitely not a novice at caregiving. She had been a caregiver for twenty-eight years.

Since junior high, she has worked at several DSS Regional Centers which provide diagnosis, assessment, and coordination of services to those with intellectual/developmental disability. She first worked with special needs children, then later with adults. She has provided Independent Living Skills to adults to achieve greater independence. This included those living with others or those living independently so they are not forced into group homes. Services include teaching clients daily living practices and securing a place to live and a job. Rosemary has also worked with Supported Living Services that help those with developmental disabilities to live in homes they themselves own or lease in the community.

Rosemary also worked with In-Home Supportive Service alongside Department of Social Services and Social Security Offices social workers. Medical and psychiatric services were also provided by UCLA and USC Health Hospitals. She was given the position of mandated court reporter by the Santa Monica Courthouse to ensure her clients were getting the care they deserved.

Rosemary has many success stories when it comes to her patients. One such success story is a client that has been working as a night janitor at a large corporate office in Los Angeles for ten years. He has perfect attendance. This is just one of the many patients for which she provides services and care.

During the COVID pandemic, Rosemary even lived with her clients for a year and taught them how to protect themselves and others from the virus. She purchased small tablets so they could attend virtual classes and complete their assignments.

She is still active with the Regional Center year-round — these clients need 24-hour service and around-the-clock monitoring. Rosemary hires and trains staff to provide these services just as she has for the last 28 years. “I’ve been with the case families for such a long time, they are like family to me,” says Rosemary.


Rosemary is from a family of caregivers. Her husband works through an urgent care center as a medical assistant in Orange County. Her son and daughter-in-law both work at the Regional Centers. “We value the importance of giving love and support to someone who needs it in their home. My mother is 72 and my father is 84 so I know how it feels when someone elderly can’t do things for themselves. I don’t want to see my parents in a group home.” So, she gives the same quality care to her clients that she provides for her own parents.

Rosemary credits two additional experiences to her strong and caring attitude:

Rosemary’s parents immigrated from Mexico to South Los Angeles seeking the American dream. She was raised with strong morals and the value of respecting others. It was difficult at times and her parents made many sacrifices for their children. Rosemary felt that she, as the eldest child, had to help others, but also stand up for herself. “I wanted to be that person that helps others. If someone feels that they are not being heard, I will listen and tell them that they are.”

Secondly, Rosemary was drawn to working with special needs kids because she herself was different. She was born with only one ear, a condition called anotia/microtia. And unfortunately, she was bullied because of it. She was made to feel different. “We are all the same, you and me and everyone. I can still do the same things that everyone else does, sometimes much better.”


What led Rosemary to A Peaceful Way Home Care was her desire to always learn more. To evolve her work. To be the best caregiver she can be. She enjoys working with older adults. To care for them. To love them.

“Nothing comes easily. It can be a challenge, but it can also be fun. I can give them what they need. I know I can learn from them. At the end of the day, who else will advocate for them?”

Rosemary considers herself to be a continual learner. “There is always something new I can learn.”

And learn she does. At night she is taking online nursing classes. She wants to be a medical assistant like her husband, and maybe even strive further than that and become a registered nurse. At her current clients’ home in Torrance, there is a wall dedicated to medical books. She reads them to learn more about medicine, what are the side effects, what triggers them, and what symptoms to look for. She surmises the better educated she is, the better care she can provide.

Rosemary feels it was a great opportunity to join the A Peaceful Way Home Care team. “I have learned so much here in such little time,” says Rosemary.

“Caregiving is not for everyone. You must have love, passion, and consideration for those you care for. When a family acknowledges you and appreciates what you do, it is so rewarding. That makes you feel so great. More than the money. More than any award. The acknowledgement is what makes me want to keep doing what I do.”

Exemplifying her dedication to helping others, Rosemary also provided hospice care on Thursday and Friday mornings in Pacoima since last summer.

Although Rosemary was surprised when she was this quarter’s Outstanding Care recipient, this is not the first time she has been publicly recognized for her superlative service.

About ten years ago, she was recognized at the state level in Sacramento for her work with the Regional Centers in participation with the NADD Accreditation and Certification Programs. Rosemary worked in the community, securing homes for those in need, and spreading awareness about the services available to families in low-income communities. She consistently received 10 out of 10 performance reviews from the families she serviced and from the physicians with whom she worked.

Congratulations again to Rosemary Cruz for being recognized for the Outstanding Care she provides for A Peaceful Way Home Care clients!