A Peaceful Way Home Care is proud to introduce our latest winner of our quarterly Outstanding Care Award: Deborah Walch exemplifies the quality of care A Peaceful Way always aspires to provide. Deborah is reliable, professionalism and loyal to our clients.


While living in Maryland, Deborah spent over thirty years in the medical field in a wide variety of environments and roles, including a pharmacy in prisons, and hospitals. She was a certified medical aid, nurse, CNA, and GNA.


Deborah’s mother fought cancer several times and came back. But then she required 24-hour hospice care, so Deborah quit her job to take care of her mother full-time during the last eight months of her life. Her then high school daughter helped to fill in when Deborah had to leave. A tight bond was formed with the three during this time. Of course, it was extremely sad and difficult to experience her mother’s passing, but it warms Deborah’s heart to know she provided her with the best care and transition possible.

“My mother was there for my first breath, and I was there for her last,” reflected Deborah.


When Deborah and her husband moved to Fresno, she didn’t transfer her licenses to the State of California since she was planning on staying at home. But when COVID hit, she became bored and needed to get out and do something. She saw openings for caregivers and thought with her background and the joy she receives in helping others that she’d be a good fit. Deborah studied and then passed the required tests. She then spent a year and a half in Fresno working as a caregiver until her husband was transferred to Terminal Island.


After moving to Los Angeles’ South Bay, Deborah saw a job posting for A Peaceful Way Home Care and applied. With her great skills, experience, and attitude, she was hired that day and immediately started her in-service screening and onboarding. Through testing, training, videos, and background checks, A Peaceful Way Home Care rigorously ensures their caregivers are prepared to provide quality client care.

Deborah was with her first client for over a year, which was a 3-day/1-night 12-hour shift in Palos Verdes Estates with a senior living with dementia. Since that time, Deborah has provided care for several different clients. Her current assignment is with an elderly gentleman living in Manhattan Beach with his wife. Their adult daughter lives out of town, so the client needs assistance with daily activities. Deborah makes sure she includes the wife in decisions and assisting as able, so she feels included and involved in her husband’s care.

The couple has grown very close to Deborah. In turn, Deborah has enjoyed learning about their culture, such as celebrating the recent Lunar New Year.

Our award winner enjoys working for A Peaceful Way Home Care. “They really care. If I have a problem or situation, I call the office and they listen. Even if it is to bawl after a hard day of work.”

Deborah celebrated her two-year anniversary with A Peaceful Way Home Care on January 28, 2024!


“I like knowing that I can help someone and have the heart to do it. Not everyone does. Some treat it just as a job. I am fortunate that I am not financially bound to my work. I do it because I like it; not because I need to. I might be the last person the person sees; I want to make the time we spent worthwhile to them.”

Seeing the progress a client makes is rewarding for Deborah. One client was initially bedridden after major surgery and unable to walk. After assisting and encouraging him to exercise and to do more activities each day, six months later he is walking again.

“When I learned I was awarded the Outstanding Care Award, I was pleased and happy to know my work is noticed and appreciated,” said Deborah.

Deborah Walch wedding photo with family


Deborah has been married for 31 years. She has two grown children and two grandchildren living in Maryland and Pennsylvania. She will be celebrating Buster’s (her Pomeranian/chihuahua dog) 18th birthday next month. Coming from military families, she and her husband enjoy spending time at Veteran meetings and at the San Pedro Elks Lodge.

Buster family dog to Deborah and the Walch family.