Joshua Gutierrez was selected for our quarterly Outstanding Caregiver Award because of his dedication. Joshua is always finding ways to enrich the livelihood of his client by keeping him active. The client’s wife expressed, “We’re so grateful to have Josh!” Josh was presented with his personalized scrubs and monetary award for his unwavering commitment to quality in-home care. Congratulations and thank you Josh for your great in-home caregiving service to our Clients.

Like Helping People

Caring for others came naturally to Joshua. His late grandmother had raised him in the church and “she is the reason why I like to help people,” said Josh. “She taught me wrong and right, and to be nice to people and to help others.”

Joshua with grandmother

Since 2010, Josh’s mother has been suffering from several medical conditions which prevented her from being on her feet for extended duration of time or to live independently. Josh lovingly took on the role to help her with daily tasks and continues doing so today. He is also a single dad of two young children.

About six years ago when Josh was searching for work, he thought about what skills he had. Since he’d already been caring for family members and it makes him feel good to help others, pursuing caregiving professionally made a lot of sense to Josh.

“I like the job. I get to know interesting clients and learn a lot from the stories they share. I realize how lucky they are to be living a long life. And I realized how lucky I am to get to know them. Caregiving is not a job for everyone — dealing with people — but I love it.

“I do get attached, and I had a client who passed away. I felt so sad I stopped working as a caregiver for a while even though other clients were requesting me. I didn’t want to go through that again. So, I worked at FedEx.”

Back to Caregiving with A Peaceful Way Home Care

After a year and a half, I missed helping people, so I thought I’d give caregiving another try. I have to remember to give myself emotional boundaries and that I am blessed to have the time that I am given to spend with each person.”

This is when Josh began working for A Peaceful Way Home Care in Palos Verdes, nearly a year ago. He’s been working as a full-time in-home caregiver here since. “The clients I have now love me and I love them. I just have to remember that all of life is bigger than me and I’m here to do a job. Well. With love.”

Josh Selected as Outstanding Caregiver

A Peaceful Way’s management conducts regular check-ins with the clients to be sure they are happy with the in-home care they are receiving. When Jerry, the client, was asked he responded, “Joshua treats me like a king!”

Josh was selected because he is very dependable and does a great job. He is a hard worker and is very caring. He is a good person. And he is willing to fill in when asked 99.9% of the time. One time, he even came in when called out of his sleep.

Terry Makes Me Feel Like Part of the Family

“A Peaceful Way Home Care is a way better place to work than other caregiver agencies I’ve worked for,” said Josh. “Other agencies do not show much care for the caregivers. You are there just to do the job. A Peaceful Way Home Care really cares about BOTH the clients and the caregivers. Terry, the owner, makes you feel like you are part of the family. If there is something personal going on for me, he is always very understanding. If something needs to be done, he takes care of it right away. Everyone on A Peaceful Way Home Care team is really kind. Everyone tries to do the best they can.”

Josh headshot