Since her elderly mother is unable to enjoy as many outings as she used to, our friend Debra realized she wished she had researched types of activities that help her mother’s mind stay active and entertained during their last visit. Debra found the information below and plans to come prepared with activities she and her mother can do together on her next visits.

Ideas to keep the mind stimulated – Select activity appropriate for, and focused on, the individual’s strengths and abilities.

  1. Sensory books – colorful books that can look at and touch
  2. Stuff toys to cuddle
  3. Pet therapy
  4. Hand massage with lotion and few drops of essential oil
  5. Physical contact – brush hair, hold hands
  6. Photo albums – look at family photos together
  7. Sensory bean bags – small bean bags with different fabric textures: cotton, velvet, silk and filled with different grains
  8. Music and movies of their era– they may want to watch/listen for only 5-10 minutes so be aware of whether they are feeling engaged;
  9. Scent stimulation – diffuser of their favorite scent
  10. Sunshine and fresh air – 10-15 minutes
  11. Matching colors – example put red lids with red containers
  12. Red aloud – magazine books, newspaper, short stories
  13. Sight stimulation – posters, flowers, fresh flowers
  14. Sports game watch
  15. Arts and crafts together – origami, make greeting cards from magazines, knit, simple crafts
  16. Prepare items for donation to needy (bags with socks, non-perishable food, toothbrushes, etc.)
  17. Word puzzles and brain teasers, such as the Connections Game – what do the two words have in common?

      • LOCK-PIANO (answer keys)
      • SHIP – CARD (a: deck)
      • TREE – CAR (a: trunk)
      • SCHOOL – EYE (a: pupil)
      • PILLOW – COURT
      • RIVER – MONEY
      • BED – PAPER
      • ARMY – WATER
      • TENNIS – NOISE


    Get solution and more brain teasers

  18. Bingo
  19. Jigsaw puzzles
  20. Memory/Attention games
    1. Name 2 objects for every letter in your name
    2. Say months of year in alphabetical order
    3. Name 6 or more things you can wear on your feet that being with “s”
    4. Look around and within 2 minutes try to find 5 green things that will fit in our pockets, and 5 blue things that are too big to fit.
    5. Object on a tray game – put a bunch of random items on a tray and study them for 2 minutes. Take the tray away (or cover with a cloth) and write down as many objects as you can remember.
  21. Sudoku for seniors
  22. Trivia games – fun topics could be history, musicals, family facts
  23. Call to Mind – stimulates memories and encouraging conversations
  24. Read fiction book and retell tale
  25. Shopping list game – 1st person e.g., I went to grocery store and bought some chicken. 2nd person repeats and adds one item, I went to grocery store and bought some chicken and rice. Continues with each person
  26. Card matching game – all face down. Flip over one and 2nd one. Looking for matches. Flip back over if do not match. Each player tries. If match, take pair of cards and get another turn.
  27. Coloring i.e, mandala, greeting cards.
  28. Board Games like tic tac toe, Boggle, Scrabble – select game appropriate for senior’s capabilities
  29. Never too old to learn a new language.

If you don’t live close to your aging parent or your schedule does not allow you to visit as often as you wish, an in home care giver can provide company, conversation and stimulating activities with your senior mother or father.

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