You’ve been in pain for quite a while. Finally, you’ve decided enough was enough. Your doctor agrees. You’re getting ready for hip replacement surgery. That’s great! Finally, you’ll be able to get around again without pain or discomfort. Hip replacement recovery won’t happen overnight though, and you need to be prepared for what’s to come.

What You’ll Need

Your mobility will be limited while you recover, so make sure you have the tools you’ll need to make things easier.

  • walker or crutches (maybe both)
  • a grabbing tool that will help you to reach things
  • shower chair
  • slip-on shoes
  • comfortable chairs both at home and at work
  • bedside commode in case you initially need one
  • long-handled shower sponge or brush

Your insurance may cover some of these items; it’s a good idea to check before you buy. Your workplace may also be able to order the correct chair for you through the human resources department.

Learn What You Need for Hip Replacement Recovery

Your doctor may have you see a physical therapist beforehand to learn how to use the devices you’ll need such as your crutches or walker. This will help things go more smoothly when the time comes.

Prepare Your Home for your hip replacement recovery

Do a walk-through of your home to see what things might pose a hazard to you as you recover.

  • area rugs and slippery floors should be avoided when possible
  • make sure that you have enough room to safely navigate places like hallways, remove clutter so that pathways are clear
  • look at your wardrobe and consider which things will be easiest to put on without assistance
  • you may need to install grab bars near the toilet or shower
  • make sure that items you’ll want or need are within easy reach

Be Prepared at Work

You’ll need to make sure that you break up your time between sitting and standing. You should manage things so that you are neither sitting nor standing for extended periods.

caregiver-helping senior from vehicle to wheelchair after hip replacement surgery

Other Things to Consider During Your Hip Replacement Recovery

Who will…

  • help with pet care such as walking the dog or tending to the cat litter
  • drive you to your doctor or physical therapy sessions
  • help you with meal prep
  • do the grocery shopping

Thankfully, A Peaceful Way Home Care in Palos Verdes can help you with these things during your hip replacement recovery. They provide live-in or part-time caregivers as needed. Their caregivers can provide transportation to doctor and therapy appointments, pick up prescriptions, prepare meals, do prescribed exercises with the client, run errands, do light housework, do laundry, change linens, help client get dressed and undressed, help the client in the shower, etc.

So, as you plan your recovery from hip replacement surgery, consider giving A Peaceful Way Home Care a call at (310) 377-3776.