Rebecca Perez - dark, stormy night

“It Was a Dark and Stormy Night.”

No, this isn’t a story written by Snoopy. But it is a story of Rebecca’s first shift as a caregiver with A Peaceful Way Home Care in Rolling Hills Estates in January 2019. And it was a dark, stormy, and windy night.

Rebecca’s first case was on the Palos Verdes hill near Malaga Cove where there is limited street lighting. In addition to the weather, it was pitch dark early that evening since daylight saving time had ended.

Cellular service can also be spotty on the hill and Rebecca was unable to get directions on her phone. She drove back home to print out the directions to the home and headed back.

Her client lived next to the Palos Verdes cliffs. The combination of all this set Rebecca on edge. Her anxious mind let her imagination run wild – there was someone outside; the house was haunted. But she was able to calm herself down and all worked out well. She enjoyed working with her client.

From a Buyer to a Caregiver

Many years ago, Rebecca was as a working Buyer in an office and was a foster parent of three. Because the children are related to her, initially Rebecca received no government financial assistance. Her life took a sudden turn when her son was in a terrible accident. He was severely injured and needed care. And then the business she worked for closed. Rebecca wondered what she would do to support her family.

Using the skills she learned taking care of her son, Rebecca began her career as a caregiver with the California In-Home Support Services program. After four years, she was hired by A Peaceful Way Home Care. “I found everyone there comforting and welcoming. It was an easy transition. I’m pleased to work at A Peaceful Way. There are great people here. Everyone is a treat.”

Enjoying the Company of her Clients

Rebecca really enjoys getting to know her clients and building a close relationship with each one of them.

She reflected on an especially fun relationship she had with one of her clients. Self-described as “plain – no make-up; no hair dye”, her client offered to give Rebecca a makeover tutorial. “Every woman needs a make-up bag!” Evelyn explained.

“She was a delight. Really into fashion. And so cute!” Rebecca beamed.

Rebecca Perez, Outstanding Care Award recipient

Being There for Family

Rebecca’s friends describe her as loyal, honest, and not one to gossip. Family is Rebecca’s priority. She grew up in Carson, #11 of twelve children. They still get together and are there for one another. Her son is doing well now and is married. Rebecca is a proud grandmother of 14. She spends her free time on Saturdays seeing the grandchildren, who range in age 9 months to 13 years of age.

Congratulations to Rebecca Perez for being recognized for her Outstanding Care!