“My Faith Gives Me Loving Patience”

Providing compassionate care is the mission of A Peaceful Way Home Care. We hire only those we would trust with our own loved ones. And to acknowledge and nurture this level of care, we recognize an outstanding caregiver each quarter who exemplifies our values. The Outstanding Caregiver recipient receives a $500 cash bonus, personalized scrubs, and a certificate of recognition.

The winner of the A Peaceful Way Home Care Outstanding Caregiver Award for Quarter 3 of 2020 is:


Remedios is more affectionately known as “Remie”. She has been working with A Peaceful Way Home Care for over a year. She is currently assisting a 24-hour care client in San Pedro, working the night shift, but has also worked day and relief shifts for other caregivers.

One of the ways one can tell she provides outstanding care is that she has past clients ask for her specifically when they need in-home caregiver services again.

When Remie learned she was being recognized for her contributions, she was pleased and pleasantly surprised. “It is so nice to be appreciated. I have received commendations and thanks from clients, but not from an agency before. It inspires us to do our best, and our loyalty.”

“For me, caregiving is about bringing relief not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally,” shares Remie.

Remie with Outstanding Caregiver Certificate


Coming from a family of many in medical professions, including an anesthesiologist, a physician and several nurses, Remie first learned how to provide caregiving taking care of her own grandmother who had suffered an aneurism. Before her grandmother was discharged from the hospital, Remie was trained to change her feeding tube and tracheostomy tube. Remie cared for her for 14 months.

For over two decades Remie also helped care for her mother who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. When she cares for clients with Alzheimer’s, she recognizes the stages since her own mother went through all of them. She treats her clients as she would her own parents or grandparents.

A person of faith, Remie has taught her six sons to practice the Golden Rule. “I care for my clients in a way that I would like to be cared for. My client has a camera in her home, but the family doesn’t really need it because I know God is watching what I am doing. My faith gives me the loving patience I need in taking care of my patients.”

In 2012, Remie and her family moved to the United States after her eldest son, who is in the Navy, petitioned for them to immigrate. “When I lived in the Philippines, I dreamed of coming to the USA. You see how beautiful it is in movies. I thought of it as my second home. And with my older sons here, I wanted to be here too,” says Remie.

Remie with her grandsonRemie and her husband worked as caregivers in a Palos Verdes facility. Then in 2019, Remie applied to A Peaceful Way Home Care. She prefers the 1:1 of in-home caregiving. “It’s more personal. You get closer to the family.” Remie keeps in touch with family members, even after the client has passed away.

One of the ways she likes to spend time with her clients is to share her hobbies of playing sudoku and solving crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles.

While not providing outstanding caregiving, Remie loves to read inspirational and spiritual writings, and crocheting. She just finished a dress and baptismal set for her grandchildren in Australia. She is now learning to knit from her client’s daughter.

Thank you, Remie, for being part of the A Peaceful Way Home Care team and providing outstanding, compassionate in-home care.