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“I Care for my Clients like They’re My Grandma”

Letticia Hernandez is one of the amazing, compassionate caregivers working at A Peaceful Way Home Care in Palos Verdes. “I know you’re not supposed to take your job personally, but I can’t help it. I do. When I do my job, I like to take care of my clients like they’re my grandma.” Growing up in Uruguay, as a young child after her parents divorced, Letticia lived with her grandmother. She loved cooking together with her. She loved learning from her. She loved hearing the stories of family and tradition and history from her. Letticia loves and misses her [...]

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A Caregiver Enhances Home Care in Torrance

Age catches up to everyone, and before you realize it, you start noticing changes in your loved one. At first, they keep misplacing things like the remote or their phone. Then you see that the fresh groceries you bought them are still sitting in the fridge uneaten, but they have finished their breakfast cereals and snacks. Eventually, you notice that their dirty laundry piles up, household tasks become tougher to handle, and loneliness is lingering. It’s clear that if your loved ones want to keep living in their home, which many do more than anything, then they will need some [...]

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