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3 Ways You and Your Loved One Can Start Managing Dementia

Did you know that carefully managing dementia may help slow its progress? There is not yet a cure for dementia, but start focusing on what you and your loved one can control. Prevent further damage to brain cells by leading a healthy lifestyle and embracing routines. Here are 3 ways you and your loved one can start managing dementia now: 1. Follow a Simple Exercise Routine Exercising improves metabolism and strengthens muscles. (And did you know that taking great care of your body can also improve your mental health?) Getting exercise can be as simple as: walking stretching dancing lifting [...]

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Care Plan for Dementia

You may have noticed that your loved one is having trouble with their thinking, behavior, movement, and memory. Unfortunately, these changes may be dementia symptoms. After a dementia diagnosis, note the type and stage of dementia your loved one has. It's likely symptoms will get worse as they age. It's important to be proactive so you, your loved one, and their healthcare team can work together to craft a care plan for dementia (before the disease progresses). A care plan for dementia can be extensive including choosing a power of attorney, contemplating a do-not-resuscitate order, choosing future living arrangements, etc. [...]

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Dementia Care Redondo Beach

Given a choice, most people prefer to stay in their homes as they age. Unfortunately, sometimes living at home becomes difficult and even unsafe, especially if you have dementia or another memory-related condition. In such a case, you need assistance to remain at home. As there is presently no cure for dementia and with only limited medical treatments available, caregiving makes the most significant difference to the quality of life of your loved one. That is where A Peaceful Way Home Care comes in to provide the specialized in-home dementia care Redondo Beach seniors need. Live-in care offers a range [...]

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