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What Foods Should Seniors Avoid?

We all know that we should eat healthy, and the need for that doesn't stop just because we've reached a certain age. There are some foods that seniors should avoid all together. Things to Stay Away From Deep Fried Foods - Deep frying a food can add 2 or 3 times as many calories to that food. It's important to exclude things that are deep fried to help the elderly avoid complications like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Processed Carbohydrates - Most processed foods contain calories that are low in helpful nutrients and fiber. These empty calories can mean unwanted weight [...]

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Eating Tips for Seniors

We all know how important nutrition is. It doesn’t stop being important just because you’ve reached a certain age; your needs just change a little. For one thing, your caloric intake should be smaller than when you were younger. For another, your body needs more of certain nutrients as well. That’s why it’s so important that you make wise decisions about what you eat. Here are a few eating tips for seniors. Check out MyPlate - Our ideas about nutrition have changed over the years as we better understand our bodies’ needs. The USDA has come out with an easier [...]

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