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Is In-Home Care Covered by Long Term Care Insurance?

As our loved ones age, they may need care. In-home care is often the best option. There are several aspects of in-home care that are available, and they are dependent upon what is needed for each individual, whether they need transportation, or medication reminders, meal prep, help in dressing, bathing, or using the toilet, etc. We can all agree that in-home care is a great choice, but is long term in-home care covered by insurance? The answer is, sometimes. Long Term Care Insurance - LTC is privately paid in long term care insurance. This care generally includes some parts of [...]

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How Do I Pay for In-Home Care for the Elderly?

As your loved ones age and reach a point where they need assistance on a regular basis, you start to think about what should be done. Your loved one may be more comfortable staying in their own home vs. going into an assisted living or nursing facility. That’s great, but what about in home care costs? Here are some ideas to help you defray the in home care costs. Reverse Mortgage - Reverse mortgages were designed to help seniors stay in their home for the remainder of their lives. Just be sure to choose a reputable bank or mortgage broker [...]

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Should I Use In-Home Care or Assisted Living for My Senior Parents?

With the aging population, many of us are having to face choices about the care of our parents when the time comes. A number of older adults don’t need skilled nursing care such as is provided in a traditional nursing facility, but they could use a little extra help with day-to-day living. Fortunately, there are other options for care. First, let’s look at the difference between in-home care and assisted living so that you can make an informed decision about what is right for your loved one. Assisted Living is a good choice for individuals who need minimal care on [...]

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Influenza Prevention in Seniors

For most people a bout of the flu is unpleasant, but nothing to worry about. However, for seniors, influenza can be both severely debilitating and potentially fatal. According to the CDC, those aged 65 and older are at a greater risk of complications from the flu as a result of a weakening of the immune system that comes with age. With such dire consequences arising from older Americans contracting influenza, it is very important to take preventive measures to ensure that seniors limit exposure to this seasonal virus. Preventing The Flu From Spreading To Seniors The bad news is that [...]

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In-Home Care for Stroke Survivors

A stroke can be a life changing event both for the one who suffers the stroke, and for their families. Strokes can mean physical and cognitive impairment. Full recovery takes time and perseverance. For this reason, families often opt to care for their loved ones at home. Rehabilitation therapy usually starts as soon as the patient’s condition is stable. When it’s time for the patient to be discharged, a plan for continuing rehabilitation and care will be worked out by a hospital social worker. When a stroke survivor is home, in-home caregiving services are sometimes needed to assist with the [...]

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Spotting Alzheimer’s Symptoms

There are many debilitating conditions that come with getting older, but one of the least understood is Alzheimer's disease. It is a condition that has been defined by some pernicious myths even as it is conflated with similar conditions that induce dementia. In the case of Alzheimer's, correct early diagnosis is key to maintaining the quality of life for the patient. With that in mind, here are a few of the differences between Alzheimer's and other categories of dementia as well as the early signs that are indicators of the disease. The Differences Between Alzheimers And Dementia Dementia and Alzheimer's [...]

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Signs of Dementia to Recognize

Of all the changes that we go through as we get older, there may be no single condition more dreaded than dementia. This implacable disease is characterized by progressive cognitive and psychological changes that only get worse as time goes on. While it can be difficult to diagnose, as the condition affects everyone differently depending on which part of the brain are affected, there are certain symptoms that may help you to recognize the onset of dementia in your loved ones. Early Signs Of Dementia May Be Difficult To Detect The most well-known symptom of dementia is how it [...]

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How Respite Care Saved Me

We've talked about the importance of respite care but hearing someone recount their own experience can drive the point home even more. Here is a story that was shared with A Peaceful Way Home Care: My mother is bipolar. As a child, I didn't understand why other families were different from ours. When I was nine years old, my mother moved herself, me, and my severely autistic brother in with her parents 'temporarily.' It ended up being a permanent arrangement. My grandparents filled a role that my mother was unable to fill. They helped raise us. When I married, I [...]

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Reduce the Risk of Falling for Seniors

One of the most common worries for seniors is injury due to a fall.  Many factors can contribute to this, things like medical conditions and even medications.  This can be especially worrisome for someone living alone.  While you should always see your doctor if you are worried about health changes, here are some tips to help reduce the risk of falling for seniors. 7 Tips to Risk Falling for Seniors Share with your doctor at your appointments Medications- Have a list of all of your medications written down.  Your list should include any over the counter medications, supplements, and vitamins. [...]

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The Importance of Respite Care

You love the one you’re caring for. You put their needs ahead of your own. Sometimes it’s hard to admit that you need help or simply a break. The toll that caregiving takes isn’t just physical. Caregivers can also find themselves dealing with exhaustion, isolation, stress, and depression as well. As a matter of fact, the Family Caregiver Alliance and AARP noted that from 40 to 70 percent of caregivers exhibit signs of depression. As a caregiver, you need to recognize that your physical and mental well-being is important too. Taking a break from your caregiving duties can help you [...]

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