Is In-Home Care Covered by Long Term Care Insurance?

As our loved ones age, they may need care. In-home care is often the best option. There are several aspects of in-home care that are available, and they are dependent upon what is needed for each individual, whether they need transportation, or medication reminders, meal prep, help in dressing, bathing, or using the toilet, etc. We can all agree that in-home care is a great choice, but is long term in-home care covered by insurance? The answer is, sometimes. Long Term Care Insurance - LTC is privately paid in long term care insurance. This care generally includes some parts of [...]

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How Do I Pay for In-Home Care for the Elderly?

As your loved ones age and reach a point where they need assistance on a regular basis, you start to think about what should be done. Your loved one may be more comfortable staying in their own home vs. going into an assisted living or nursing facility. That’s great, but what about in home care costs? Here are some ideas to help you defray the in home care costs. Reverse Mortgage - Reverse mortgages were designed to help seniors stay in their home for the remainder of their lives. Just be sure to choose a reputable bank or mortgage broker [...]

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