How to Prevent Choking for Seniors While Eating

Seniors choking while eating is common because the swallowing function can deteriorate with age. There is a loss of muscle strength in the mouth and throat, and through age or medication usage, many seniors have less saliva, and their mouth and throat are less moist. A family caregiver relayed this story to us about how she was eating dinner with her senior mother living in Palos Verdes, when her mother started to cough because her food had “gone down the wrong pipe”. Thank goodness, her mother was able to clear the food and she was fine after that. The next [...]

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Transitioning from a Wheelchair to a Walker

After an accident, it’s great news to be told by your doctor that you can start putting weight on a leg, joint, or foot after being confined to a wheelchair for several months. It can also be a little scary, especially is you are older. You may worry about pain, or accidentally injuring yourself again. A 93-year old mother of a friend had fallen shortly before Christmas, fracturing her femur and patella. “Mryna” was told to keep her right leg immobile and not to bear any weight on it. After four months of being wheelchair-bond, she was starting to feel [...]

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Senior Care in Palos Verdes: Staying Active, Staying Safe

By 2025, one out of every four Americans will be 65 years of age or older. With more seniors in the U.S. projected to outnumber children for the first time1, and with prolonged life spans, planning for senior care is more important than ever. This is especially true for senior care in Palos Verdes. According to the U.S. Census, approximately a quarter of the Palos Verdes Peninsula population are 65 years and older. 19% of those seniors living in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA are living alone.2 Fortunately for the large Palos Verdes senior demographics, the Palos Verdes Peninsula has many [...]

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Reduce the Risk of Falling for Seniors

One of the most common worries for seniors is injury due to a fall.  Many factors can contribute to this, things like medical conditions and even medications.  This can be especially worrisome for someone living alone.  While you should always see your doctor if you are worried about health changes, here are some tips to help reduce the risk of falling for seniors. 7 Tips to Risk Falling for Seniors Share with your doctor at your appointments Medications- Have a list of all of your medications written down.  Your list should include any over the counter medications, supplements, and vitamins. [...]

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Safety in the Home for Seniors

It's important for everyone to be safe in their home.  As children, we learn the importance of having a plan in case of fire or disaster.  Sometimes everyday life for seniors needs a little planning too.  What may seem easy to you, may not be so easy for a senior citizen.  Here are some tips for safety for seniors at home. Lighting - Make sure that all areas of the home are well-lit without causing glare.  Dark hallways and stairways can be dangerous.  Don't forget the nightlights.  Having nightlights in the bedroom, bathroom, hallways, and kitchen will help with nighttime trips when you [...]

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