Talking to a loved one about in home care may seem like a daunting task.  Will he or she be receptive to the idea or feel as if he or she is losing independence and privacy?  There may be many unknowns surrounding the subject of in home care that can create a sense of fear for you both.  Although embarking on this journey in a new phase of life seems difficult, the need for help will far outweigh any negative feelings.

Here are a few tips on how to initiate the conversation about in home care to your loved one.

Don’t Wait

The discussion of in home care may be a dreaded topic for your loved one.  However, the sooner the idea is planted, the more time your loved one will have to think on the idea before it becomes absolutely necessary.  This can also provide a chance for your loved to have an opinion on things like preferences and choosing the best provider.  Once everything is all settled and planned, you can rest easy knowing you didn’t prolong the inevitable.

Take it Slow

It’s not a good idea to rush into the subject of in home care to a person who feels like he or she is capable.  The key is to ease into the subject in a gentle, exploratory way so that your loved one doesn’t feel cornered or defensive.  Keep in mind that an in home care provider doesn’t have to be present all the time.  You can coordinate the time and days that are most suitable for your loved one.

Get Help

For the stubborn at heart, more reinforcements may be necessary to help your loved one get adjusted to the idea of in home care.  If your words seem to be falling on deaf ears, enlist the help of a few other family members, a doctor, or even a family friend.  Sometimes all it takes is for your aging parents to see that people care about them and that they have a support system.

Stay Positive

There are many benefits that come along with getting in home care such as one-on-one support with a skilled professional and help with daily activities. Although most people want to feel as if they are in control of their lives, choosing to get in home care doesn’t mean the loss of privacy and independence.  It could mean that they can live a more fulfilling life with the assistance they need at their disposal.  Remind your loved one of this as a strong rebuttal to help them see the great possibilities of receiving in home care.

In home care is a wonderful option for families who want the peace of mind of having constant care of their loved ones.

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