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5 Star Google Review

We hired A Peaceful Way after being disappointed by another home care company. It was the best move we could make for my Parents who both suffer from dementia.

My parents recently moved to a memory care facility. From the time A Peaceful Way took over, until the last day before they both moved to a memory care facility A Peaceful Way went above and beyond. They did everything they promised and more. The owner was always accessible and always took care of our requests. The case manager was also excellent. The care providers were awesome.

I know from experience that there is a night and day difference between other companies and A Peaceful Way. Do yourself a favor and don’t trust anyone else with your loved ones.


5 Star Yelp Review

I cannot begin to express my gratitude and awe for Terry, Levi, Elizabeth and all the caregivers! They helped my father and I through one of the most difficult experiences of our life. You feel like you are talking to angels on earth. They truly care and were there for us every step of the way. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional and responsive when you need to get in touch. They understand a lot about the healthcare system, and helped us navigate it and get connected to needed providers. They also hold their caregivers to a high standard. My father had dementia and was recovering from a recent stroke and brain surgery, and needed a great deal of care. He also ended up being aggressive at times, so we had to address a very difficult situation together. Elizabeth and Levi were open to helping us see if we, ourselves, could provide some of my father’s care, to make it a little easier on our finances. The caregivers were generally very gentle, caring and skilled. They treated my father as an individual and with great kindness. They knew his quirks and preferences, and we strategized the best ways to keep him safe, given his penchant for wanting to walk without his walker. These people are doing incredibly difficult work and their hearts are gigantic. They also taught me so much about aging, caregiving, safety and how best to address my father’s myriad of needs. I will remember their kindness for the rest of my life and A Peaceful Way Home Care would be the first place I would call if I ever needed in-home care for myself or a loved one.

Seattle Su n., Seattle WA

5 Star Yelp Review

We used A Peaceful Way Home Care for 5 to 6 years as my dad’s dementia progressed. We children all live far away, and our dad did not want to leave his home. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the care received. They worked very hard to find a good fit for our dad’s increasingly difficult situation. The caregivers were almost invariably kind and competent. Some we feel are now friends. They kept us up-to-date with daily reports on their website so we could monitor our dad’s condition. They worked hard to send regular caregivers so they knew our dad. And in rare cases when there was a caregiver who couldn’t come, they sent in their own managers who also were amazing. They consistently went above and beyond just caregivers. We could not recommend them any more highly. This was such a difficult time for us, but caregiving was not something we needed to worry about.

Kristen S., Springfield OR

5 Star Yelp Review

I was attacked by a stranger’s dog and broke both wrists. Levi met with me to assess my needs and helped me understand the agency’s services, also alleviating much of my stress concerning my injuries. She was extraordinarily professional and patient with all my questions. A Peaceful Way Home Care was able to schedule a caregiver for me, 3 days a week for half days. Both Lupe and Esther were exceptional! Lupe helped me most of the days. She was pleasant, efficient and worked hard. She helped me shower, get dressed, cleaned and dusted my apartment, washed my dishes and even drove me to the grocery store, unpacking them for me. I highly recommend A Peaceful Way Home Care.

Diana S.

5 Star Google Review

A Peaceful Way Home Care was excellent from start to finish, top to bottom. After our initial consult, we knew that this organization was top-notch and the caregivers they provided were absolutely wonderful. Not only was everyone attentive and professional, but they went above and beyond to make sure my mother’s final days were as comfortable and even entertaining as can be. She loved all of them. I cannot recommend APWHC enough.

Susan C.

5 Star Yelp Review

Our family’s experience with the entire team at A Peaceful Way Home Care exceeded our high expectations. The caregivers that Terry and the team placed in our mother’s home were professional, trustworthy and caring. The agency does a great job matching for both skill and personality. Communication was great and issues were resolved quickly, always with our mom and our family as the first priority. They have my highest recommendation.

Mark H., Seattle WA

5 Star Google Review

This agency does an excellent job and I would highly recommend them. I was so afraid to hire a caregiver for my father. The owner and the supervisor came out to my father’s house house and it was so nice to meet the owner and see how much he was involved and cared about his company as well as his clients. In addition, they are always making sure that my father is being well taken care of. The caregiver they chose for my father is outstanding: she is so caring and warm and yet always professional. We could not have asked for a better caregiver or agency.

Karen P.

5 Star Yelp Review

We have been looking for some home care for my 90 year old mom. I found A Peaceful Way Home Care recommended by a friend and interviewed them. I immediately got the impression that this company cared about their clients and their client needs. I was not disappointed. A Peaceful Way Home Care has been a godsend for our family. All of the people we are working with have been attentive and professional. We had one scheduling problem that was resolved immediately with seamless professionalism. I feel my mom is in good hands when I am away. The caregivers leave me notes on the care of my mother and I have peace of mind when I am not there. I highly recommend this company if you are in need of home care for your loved one.

Sandy E., Redondo Beach, CA

5 Star Google Review

We were very pleased and comfortable with the caregivers while my husband was recovering from knee replacement surgery. Excellent with attention to detail in all aspects of his care. We would without a doubt be using their services again if needed. Thank you for providing such compassionate and competent caregivers.

Donetta S.

5 Star Google Review

My 87 year old father is a tough customer but A Peaceful Way Home Care made it all work. My father didn’t want to leave home after my Mom passed and since I live 400 miles away we needed help. After interviewing several companies, A Peaceful Way Home Care was the clear winner and they never disappointed. Terry and the caretakers took great care of my father for over two years without ever missing a beat. If you need help for your aging parent(s), A Peaceful Way Home Care will take care of everything from A to Z!

Grant L.

5 Star Yelp Review

Terry McGovern and his team at A Peaceful Way Home Care set a new standard for caregiving services.

I met Terry several years ago when he did a home visit with my parents and I was visiting them from VA and wish we had scheduled a caregiver then.  Although I completed preliminary paperwork with A Peaceful Way Home Care, another caregiving agency was selected.

I kept in touch with Terry and when it was clear a fresh start was needed, I contacted A Peaceful Way Home Care and the immediate response was how can we help? There was no hard sell, there was only what can we do to help? As circumstances changed on the home front, it was clear my dad needed more assistance so we moved from once a week caregiving from A Peaceful Way Home Care to five days a week. Terry found the right caregiver to take that on (shout out to Ariel). The caregivers arrived on time, provided compassionate and supportive care which meant our father could continue to live at home with our mom as we all wanted him to.

The communication between A Peaceful Way Home Care and me living 3000 miles away was seamless and timely. I sincerely appreciated the attention to detail and assistance in navigating the LTC insurance side. Although my father was the one who specifically needed caregiving services, I was also being taken care of by A Peaceful Way Home Care because of the thoughtful and complete and professional and caring manner of all communications between A Peaceful Way Home Care and me. My mom was thrilled with the compassionate and helpful support the caregiver, Ariel, provided. It made such a difference to my parents’ quality of life at home together.

If you are considering bringing on caregiving services to help you or a family member, please contact A Peaceful Way Home Care . I recommend A Peaceful Way Home Care without reservation.

Nicole B., West Springfield, VA

5 Star Google Review

I employed A Peaceful Way Home Care to care for my husband, who came home from the hospital on hospice in December. They provided wonderful, caring people for my husband. Their knowledge of care for the dying was amazing and I was so grateful to have them in my house. I highly recommend them.

Valerie B.

5 Star Google Review

Over the years, our family has had to reach out for help for my mother-in-law, then my mom, and now my father. It is always been a difficult task. Many times, the care givers seemed to be more work for us rather than easing a particular burden.

That perception changed dramatically when we found A Peaceful Way Home Care. They are the best we have ever encountered. The care and concern they showed for my father was beyond expectations.

We asked very pointed questions of Terry McGovern at our initial interview. His answers showed us that he was extremely knowledgeable about the care-giving world. He obviously wanted to provide the best service possible. And he followed through with a level of service for my father that was incredible.

Whenever I think of A Peaceful Way Home Care I whisper a “thank you”. They are aptly named. They do indeed provide a peace of mind.

Michael J.

5 Star Google Review

We needed a caregiver to come into our mom’s home to help out while our nephew worked. We first contacted A Peaceful Way Home Care caregiving service after reviewing several caregivers online.

The attitude portrayed in their online ad simply spoke to us. They seemed caring and professional. So we met with Terry Mc Govern of A Peaceful Way Home Care in person. And were we impressed! He took all the time necessary to get to know us and to get to know our mom. He matched her up with a caregiver who fits her perfectly. Her caregiver is so attentive to my mom and does so lovingly.

As far as the business side of A Peaceful Way Home Care, Terry is just a phone call away. He is readily accessible and has my mom’s care as his first concern. You can tell this is not just a business to him – this is more like a ministry.

I had a friend who had another caregiving company assisting her parents. When we told her about A Peaceful Way Home Care, she switched to them. While her parents eventually had to transition to a full time board & care, she was also so pleased with the service A Peaceful Way Home Care provided. They take all family concerns seriously; they seem like family to us now. We cannot say enough about them!

Thank you Terry for helping our family!

Marcie R., Corona, CA

5 Star Yelp Review

I would unequivocally recommend A Peaceful Way Home Care for anyone requiring in home care. As the trustee for my 95 year old aunt, I was intent on providing the best care possible for her.

Words just cannot adequately express the gratitude that we have for the compassion and care that everyone at A Peaceful Way Home Care provided my aunt during the final chapter of her amazing life. The services they provide to clients and their families are so critical to helping bring closure in a dignified manner to those we love.

Like our family who found our calling to serve the greater good through military service, they have found their calling in the service to others in their time of greatest need. That takes a very special person and I’m thankful for the impact they have had on our family.

A special thanks goes to her lead care provider, Katherine, who touched my aunt’s life like no other care provider could. Terry was a very hands-on owner and took the time to visit my aunt on a regular basis, as well as kept me in the loop regarding her care.

Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your efforts in keeping my aunt comfortable as she made her final transition.

John M., New Port Richey, FL

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