The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone and prevented people from working, socializing, or performing everyday activities. Unfortunately, older adults are often more affected by the coronavirus and likely to restrict their activities significantly.

Although vaccinations are rolling out, seniors still need to protect themselves and reduce their chances of contracting the coronavirus until we have “herd immunity”. Hence, they must remain physically and mentally active. However, “safer-at-home” and social distancing guidelines make it difficult for many Palos Verdes seniors to stick to their typical exercise and active routines, such as going to the gym or the local community center.

The National Council on Aging maintains that daily movement helps improve many aspects of a senior’s overall health, including weight management, blood pressure, back pain, and emotional health.

Below are eight ways Palos Verdes seniors can remain active while following COVID-19 prevention guidelines, as health permits:

1. Walking

Many communities have instituted “safer-at-home” guidelines but allowed outdoor exercise. Fortunately, southern California experiences great weather nearly daily, so you can avoid crowds, take a walk around your neighborhood, head to the park, or opt for a nature trail to reduce restlessness and deliver immune- and mood-boosting benefits. Taking in the beautiful views along the Palos Verdes cliff or on The Strand located along Pacific Ocean is particularly enjoyable.

If you must stay indoors, walk around your home or march in place to increase your daily step count.

2. Outdoor Exercise

Getting outside has numerous benefits aside from physical activities, and it’s an excellent easy for you to stay active. Some fun activities you can do include:

• Biking
• Light hiking or taking trail walks
• Outdoor yoga and stretching
• Bird watching

Always maintain a safe social distance and observe all other relevant COVID-prevention protocols.

3. Indoor Exercise and Strength Training

Yoga, Pilates, bodyweight strength training, tai chi, and stretching can all help you say fit at home. These exercises also help you improve your balance, core strength, flexibility, and overall mobility. Strength training does not need to involve lifting heavyweights. You can do modified forms of these exercises while sitting or lying down using your body weight and a few everyday items around your home.

4. Follow-Along Videos

You can use follow-along videos at home if exercising outside is not an option, if it’s raining or cold outside, or if you don’t have assistance to head out. You can find several instructional videos and virtual classes online on YouTube, Facebook, or exercise apps. Just add “older adult” in the search bar for tailored options. You can also order some DVDs.

5. Gardening

If you enjoy being outdoors and have a yard, gardening can enhance your outdoor activities while helping you burn calories and get plenty of fresh air. Palos Verdes’s weather supports gardening all year round.

If you are not mobile enough to stoop and dig in the dirt, you can opt for other related alternatives. These include potting small herbs or plants or decorating an enclosed patio or porch. Order the supplies you need online.

6. Dancing

Dancing is great because it’s a low-impact way to exercise, helps build your endurance, and has many cardiovascular benefits. You can dance to some of your favorite music daily, which encourages you to exercise both your body and mind by taking you down memory lane.

7. Arts and Crafts

You can participate in arts and crafts. These include knitting, painting, drawing, crocheting, coloring, working with clay, and building stuff. Look for instructional videos online and get started.

8. Chores

In addition to classic senior exercises, find other ways to move, such as doing your house chores. Do some cleaning, organizing, cooking, or baking to get moving throughout the day.

Stay Active and Safe in Palos Verdes

Palos Verdes seniors need to stay safe while being active. As an older adult, you should be mindful of social distancing while outside and remember to consult your doctor before doing new exercises.

A Peaceful Way Home Care is committed to helping Palos Verdes seniors stay active and healthy throughout their twilight years. We take the time to know our clients’ unique needs to help them enjoy a high quality of life. Contact us today.