Aging is typically accompanied by an array of medical and mental conditions such as memory loss. The aging process occurs differently among individuals. The changes that arise as a result of aging often limit an individual’s ability to take care of themselves.

In-home care helps the elderly to stay safe and healthy, thus enabling them to live quality lives. There are several pointers that show your elderly loved one needs in-home care. Here are some of the signs that you should look out for.

Inability to Perform Daily Tasks

As you get older, you will get physically weaker. This, in turn, hinders your independence and mobility. When you notice that your elderly loved ones cannot perform typical day to day tasks such as showering on their own, you should find someone to provide in-home care.

This will eliminate the confusion that may arise when they notice that they cannot perform once-familiar tasks. In-home care providers will help with daily personal needs such as grooming, housekeeping, and meal preparation.

Memory Lapses

One of the most obvious signs of aging is memory loss. If you notice that your loved ones can no longer keep with bills and mail, or they are missing out on important appointments, you should consider in-home care.

Declining Health

A drastic change in behavior and physical appearance could be a pointer that your elderly loved one needs some extra help at home. In this regard, you should watch out for indicators such as excessive weight loss or gain, and changes in personal hygiene. These indicate that the person has unmet needs, and thus requires in-home care.

Irritability and Aggression

Elderly people tend to become irritable or aggressive, especially when they realize that they can no longer take care of themselves as they previously would. Aggression and irritability are typical signs of dementia, which affects many elderly individuals.

Repeated bouts of hostility can take its toll on you and other family caregivers. If your elderly loved ones’ attitude gets too aggressive, it’s worth considering hiring a professional in-home caregiver.

Unexplained Injuries or Bruising

An occasional bruise or scrape should be nothing to worry about. Nonetheless, if you notice constant injuries on the body of your elderly loved one, it could mean that he/she could be experiencing declined eyesight or mobility.

The recurrence of such injuries may indicate serious underlying factors such as at-home accidents. In this regard, talk to your loved ones about the case of the bruises, and recommend help from an in-home care provider.

If your elderly loved ones show signs that they no longer cope alone in or around South Bay, you should immediately seek in-home care services. This will allow them to remain healthy for as long as possible. Finding the most suitable caregiver involves determining the level of care that your loved ones need. Keep in mind the fact that many senior citizens prefer in-home care to nursing homes since it helps them maintain some level of independence in the comfort of their homes.

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