Your parents have weathered storms and spent a lifetime together, and that matters. However, as they age, you realize that they may have different care needs. As a family member, you start wondering what to do to help ensure both your elderly parents get the individual attention they need.

You might consider a live-in senior care facility, but, unfortunately, these facilities may separate your aging parents to address their individual care needs. Such a separation and loss of independence could be emotionally distressing and lead to social isolation and depression.

So, what should you do when looking for care for senior parents with different needs?

A Peaceful Way Home Care Can Help Both Parents

A Peaceful Way Home Care provides in-home care for senior parents, helping them age in place safely and together. We customize our caregiving services to match the individual home care needs of each parent, including the following:

1. Companion Caregiving

Companion care assists your aging parents with essential tasks around the house that they may have trouble completing. These include light housekeeping, running errands, washing and ironing clothes, changing linens, cleaning out closets and cabinets, and cleaning out the refrigerator.

Our companion care service also helps promote seniors’ health and safety by helping with taking clients to doctor appointments, medication reminders, encouraging good nutrition and safe exercise, and providing discreet supervision.

2. Personal Caregiving

Our caregivers assist with personal hygiene, such as bathing, dressing, toileting, and medication reminders. It is an ideal solution for seniors who need both companion and personal caregiving services.

3. Respite Care

If you take care of an elderly loved one full-time, or if one of your parents cares for their spouse, respite care provides a much-needed break. It helps avoid burnout, maintain healthy personal relationships, and allows you (the family caregiver) to provide the best support possible.

4. Specialized Home Care

A Peaceful Way Home Care offers a range of specialized in-home care services. Our caregivers can provide the following care for senior parents:

Whatever your parent’s specialized needs are, we can work with you to develop a suitable care solution to help them live comfortably in their twilight years.

5. Hospice and Palliative Care Support

Our caregivers support medical professionals to care for seniors living with acute illnesses or chronic diseases. We improve their quality of life and help meet the difficulties and challenges that hospice and palliative care present.

6. Assistance during Post-Surgery Recovery

No matter the age of your loved ones, we assist in their post-surgery recovery, be it for a few days or several weeks. Our caregivers provide compassionate care tailored to meet your parents’ specific needs while recovering from major surgery.

Find the Right Care Solutions for Both Parents

Keeping your aging parents together matters because relationships make life worth living, especially after retirement. If your parents have had a steady marriage and have supported one another over the years, they know and understand each other well.

Emotional health matters a lot. The trauma of living separately from a lifelong partner can be a severe life stressor, especially in old age, and can cause distressful psychological symptoms like depression. Other significant health benefits of keeping your aging parents together include:

  • Comfort in knowing your parents stay together and look after each other
  • Provides a familiar routine and reassuring companionship
  • It helps keep loneliness and depression at bay

If you are interested in in-home care for senior parents in Palos Verdes, contact A Peaceful Way Home Care today or call us at (310) 377-3776 for a free in-home assessment.